18 September 2006

Law and Order Totalitarian Style

Form Reuters:

World leaders need little policing in Castro's

16 Sep 2006 16:01:19 Source: Reuters

By Christian Oliver
HAVANA, Sept 16 (Reuters) - Impenetrable cordons of gun-toting police and soldiers mark most meetings of world leaders, but only handfuls of nonchalant, lightly-armed cops patrol the non-aligned nations summit in laid-back Havana.

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Gee let me think about this. All the enemies of freedom and mankind are gathered in one place. There are no real dangers of terrorism. Why would that be?!?
First: It's a TOTALITARIAN country, NOT LAID BACK! Anyone who the government even remotely suspected of being capable of protesting was jailed under an Orwellian law called "peligrosidad" that gives them the legal cover to arrest anyone they like. Not that they need any laws, they do whatever they please with their captives.
Second: Why would any terrorists attack their funders, supporters and role models?

I can't believe the tone of this article. The facts are obvious, yet the reuter's "reporter" "reaches" to find a positive consequence to the repressive , totlitarian police state that the Cuban people are subjected to.


Alfredo said...

Great site! My fellow FREEDOM fighetr would like your permission to add your link.

Viva Cuba libre!

El Gusano said...

Thank you, Alfredo.

I started the blog so that I could comment on Killcastro,Ya No Mas, Abajo Fidel and your site, which I visit daily.

So, there's one more place out there now to stand agaisnt the tyrant and for our captive brothers and sisters partly because of your influence.

It would be an honor to be linked to your site.

Que Viva Cuba Libre