10 September 2006

The "Z" factor at The Herald?

Ah, the Miami Herald just fired a bunch of Cubans!

Basically, they were accused of being a bunch of biased unethical journalists because they (gasp!) took money from the US Government.(read Bush's Regime).

The Miami Herald, liberal rag and birdcage liner extraordinaire, has just purged itself of some of miscreants. An Ethnic Cleansing. A Stalinist ideological purge.

First, let’s talk about anti-Cubanism, the "Z" factor, the Ethnic Cleansing. There’s something like quatrillion Cubans in South Florida. “They’re like Roaches, They’re everywhere”. And they have a lot of nerve. They don’t know their place. They don’t understand that “migrants” (we used to be refugees, now were migrants) are supposed to be seen and not heard. They’re supposed do the work that Americans won’t do. They’re supposed to pick tomatoes and clean houses and mow lawns. They’re not supposed to take over and own everything and run the place and love it so much! They’re not supposed to have political or economic power and make every white guy running for national office go to Little Havana and grovel for their votes. They’re like a damned Mafia. A Cuban Mafia. Where have we heard that before? Is this disregard from the natives earned? Maybe. Is it normal? Of course it is. It’s happened to every immigrant group. One thing Cubans are great at is taking it in stride, using it as motivation and actually having some fun with it. It’s the art of “JODER”

Then, there’s the ideological disagreement. Cuban political dogma revolves around Cuba and Castro. Cubans, having once lost freedom and their political voice are now zealous about exercising it in their adopted Homeland. Cubans were Neo-Cons before the term even existed. Social programs? No Problem. Cuba, before Castro, was more progressive in social safety net programs than the US. (assignment: please read Humberto’s Fontova’s many essays on the subject). Foreign policy wise, that’s where the real ideological difference comes in. Cubans by and large are pro-US. They don’t come here and blame the US for their problems (although they could), but no, they understand that the US is the difference in the world. Freedom simply would not exist if it wasn’t for the US. Nowhere. They believe America should stay strong and safeguard freedom and defend itself, at all costs, against its enemies. Cubans understand that the enemies of America are a real threat and that they have chosen the path of evil and tyranny and that, no, it is not George Bush’s fault that they are murderous, maniacal thugs. They love the US of A. The self-centered liberal MSM, now run by a bunch of wasted brain leftover hippies from the sixties, cannot conceive of a world where every single evil or problem wasn’t caused by the spread of the American free market system. These flower children’s ideal foreign policy would be one that would guarantee that everyone “likes us”. Cubans were noticeably absent from the recent immigration protests. Why? Are Cubans anti immigrant? No, it’s because the protests were anti-American, anti-free enterprise and run by far left organizations (commies),(I know, we see commies everywhere, silly Cubans). That’s the first Ideological scasm. Cubans actually have a Pro-American world view.

Secondly, we’re a bunch of right wing extremist, intransigent, closed mined, reactionary, loudmouthed Anti-Castro obsessed Zealots. This is a real problem for the Herald. They feel it is their mission to open up our minds and see all the good that can come by trying to understand Fidel Castro Ruz’s “regime” and all the good things he has brought to the World. So we’ve got this guy in Cuba who cons a whole country into thinking he’s going to restore democracy, and then proceeds to murder thousands upon thousands of his countrymen, steals ALL private property, tries to start a thermonuclear war, forces twenty percent of the population into exile, holds the rest on the island captive under inhumane conditions and somehow we’re crazed in head because we’re trying to get rid of him. BUT, He can’t be all that bad, after all he’s anti-Miami Mafia Just like the Miami Herald.

The Miami Herald doesn’t like Cuban-Americans. They resent their political power, their financial influence, their social outspokenness and their ideological independence. They cannot come out and call us names because their political correct hypocritical ethics won’t allow them to. They can only attack our ideas. That’s why they will take absurd and indefensible positions because they know that what is near and dear to our hearts is what hurts us the most.

The Herald can fire and hire anyone they like. It’s a free country and WE LOVE IT THAT WAY. But to insinuate that any reporter that contributes to the efforts of TV/Radio Marti to bring the Truth to the captive Cuban people, is partaking in an unethical sellout is wrong. TV/Radio Marti is providing the Cuban people with a balanced source of news and commentary. Is it too Capitalistic? Perhaps, but the point here is to provide the captive Cubans another perspective form the propaganda and lies that are fed to them by the Castro regime 24/7. The reason that this is a Federally funded program it's precisely to keep it as objective and as balanced as possible. (a privately owned enterprise would have the Miami Herald call it “Radio/TV Miami Mafia) Let’s not forget, the US in is kindness, is just trying to provide “real” news to people who can only get the “official” news. That is a public service that the US is providing to the captive Cuban population. The “official” news concept may sound appealing to the MSM, but it doesn’t to freedom loving people. Thanks America! Would any Miami Herald reporter have been fired if they had gotten a part-time job at NPR or PBS as a political pundit? Well, not if they spewed the usual anti-American Venom.

The Miami Herald is a company. Here’s the way to get back at the Miami Herald. First, don’t buy or advertise on the Herald. Buy corncob for the bottom of you birdcage, tacaño.

Second let’s all donate $5.00 to the “Buy the Miami Herald Fund”. We’ll buy the paper and re-name it “Periodico Marti”.
Why do you ask? PA JODER , I say!



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you're obssessed with Z's. Your paranoia knows no bounds.I like your "periodico Marti" idea na mas pa joder.

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