25 September 2006

Anti-Americanism and Darfur

I know this has little to do with Cuba other than Cuba is the ringleader of this so called anti-American movement, but, in the not too distant future, Cuba will be on the other side. Cuba will be giving a voice in the UN to those that don't have a voice because we know the pain of being opressed and not heard.

In yesterday’s Sun Sentinel there was an article decrying the raising wave of anti-Americanism in the world and in the UN. The article claims that :

The outpouring of anti-American rhetoric at the United Nations this week is demonstrating how anger at the United States is uniting the developing world in a way not seen since the 1980s, U.S. officials and analysts say.

“Wow that’s horrible”, I think. I continue to read.

Leaders such as Venezuela's Hugo Chavez, Sudan's Omar Hassan Ahmed Bashir and Iran's Mahmoud Ahmadinejad are divided by background and political philosophies, but they spoke as one at the General Assembly regarding perceived U.S. bullying and misdeeds.

My jaw drops. Chavez, Bashir, Ahmadinejad?

"There's a new sense of the oppressed versus the oppressor," said a senior U.S.
official, who asked to remain unnamed. "What they have in common is their hatred of the U.S., and it's created this solidarity across Third World lines."

I blink to make sure I’m awake.

The fallout from the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq and other Bush administration policies may be particularly visible in the new bonds between many Muslim nations and populist regimes of South America, an alliance that some call the "axis of the south."

I thank God I don’t own a gun.

This Third World solidarity also has made it easier for Bashir to block a U.N. peacekeeping deployment in the Darfur region of his country, said Lee Feinstein of the Council on Foreign Relations in Washington. Bashir "has succeeded in interfering with the U.N. deployment by depicting this as an old-fashioned 'us versus the United States,' " said Feinstein, a senior State Department official during the Clinton administration. "The American ability to credibly rally the international community on behalf of the vulnerable in Darfur has been eroded by this unpopularity."

Now, why did I have to read this right before I went to bed? I have never seen a bigger example pretzel logic in the AMERICAN press. And that’s saying a lot.

First of all, Who cares if we’re not popular? Survival is not a popularity contest. I rather my American children be unpopular in the Muslim World and Europe than be popular and dead and buried.

And, if you’re on the bad side of Chavez, Bashir, Ahmadinejad, that’s good.
By some estimates 400,000 souls, human beings, sentient creatures, God’s Children have been eliminated in a genocidal orgy of torture and terror in Darfur. The UN, sits on its hands and does nothing and its George W. Bushes fault that the third world wants to back a despot Muslim murderer?

And under Clinton, when everybody loved us because we were a submissive politically correct, castrated giant. Why then, didn’t we do anything about Rwanda where almost 1,000,000 were slaughtered?

It breaks my heart and brings me to tears that the UN would rather be anti-American than save the lives of those poor people in Darfur. Not because of the anti-Americanism, but because they let people die die just because they are black and poor and don’t have a voice. And the country that is trying to give them a voice is hated because of it.

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