25 September 2006

More Caribbean Peristroika

Ramirito is tightening the noose on information. What are they afraid of? A couple of bloggers shooting the breeze. Are they afraid that the captives are going to find The Times on Line or El Nuevo Herald? What happened to the new man? Can the new man be that easily swayed by capitalist propaganda that he's not even allowed to read it. After all, they have been the single solitary source of information in Cuba for more than 47 years. 70% of the population has only known their news , their truth.

From Reuters:

HAVANA, Sept 25 (Reuters) - Cuba has fired the heads of two of the country's most influential companies in a bid to bring the computing and telecommunications enterprises back under firm state control amid a national anti-corruption drive, industry sources said on Monday. Information Technology and Communications Minister Ramiro Valdes, 74, a former revolutionary hero, took over the sensitive sector that controls communist Cuba's communications, computing, Internet and software development late last month

International studies have found that Cuba occupies last place in Latin America for both mobile phone and Internet penetration, and is fifth from last in terms of its number of fixed telephone lines.

The government blames the four-decade-old U.S. trade embargo for its poor communications infrastructure. (I blame the repressive totalitarian police state)

But Cuba's 11 million people cannot buy a computer or subscribe to the Internet without a government permit, satellite television is prohibited, and mobile phones are available only for hard currency.(the Cuban people are enslaved)

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Obvious power consolidation by a hero of the revolution. He who controls the Propaganda sets the agenda. Read Charlie Bravo's inciteful analysis. It really makes a lot of sense and it dovetails with the American's push for a bloodless and balseroless military-lead coup.


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