27 September 2006

The Vultures are Circling

From The Finacial Express’ International Section:

MOSCOW, SEPT 27: With an aim to boosting bilateral trade and economic ties with Cuba, Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Fradkov will embark on a visit to Havana, the first official visit by a Russian cabinet head in the past 15 years. “The visit will be of a breakthrough nature and will make it possible to consolidate positive dynamics that has taken shape in Russian-Cuban relations.

Now that there is a possibility that Cuba may be opening up its ecomomy, the new Russian mob is swooping back in like vultures to see what bones can be picked clean.

“We pin great hopes on this visit regarding intensification of bilateral trade-economic relations,” an official source told Itar-Tass.

Raul , Ramiro, and their cronies are sure to get 20%

Pointing out Moscow’s close contacts with all key countries of Latin America, the cabinet official said, “Cuba remains one of the main players in the world political arena. The fact that Havana heads the non-aligned movement testifies to the fact that the country has not lost attractiveness for developing states.”

We miss having a base of operations in Latin America and now that Cuba may be up for sale again…here we are!

“Two important intergovernmental agreements are planned to be signed at a time - on the settlement of Cuba’s debt to the Russian federation, estimated at about $166 million, as well as on the provision to Cuba of a new Russia’s state credit worth $350 million,” the official said. -Itar-Tass

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