29 September 2006

Fight Corruption, Fight Fidel

Cuba urges labor to fight corruption 2006/9
By VANESSA ARRINGTON, Associated Press Writer HAVANA

- Raul Castro urged Cuba‘s communist labor union to lead the country‘s battle against corruption Wednesday, saying workers are "the essential force" in fighting a wide range of vices.

HMMM….? Is Raul urging for a workers revolt? If he wants workers to fight corruption, he must mean that he wants them to fight the Cuban government because they are the source of all corruption. But No, he means more chivatos, more ratting out, more snitching, more repression, more fear.

Castro, 75, is acting president while his brother Fidel recovers from intestinal surgery. It was the first time Fidel Castro , who is 80, had missed one of the union‘s congresses, his brother said, adding that Fidel‘s "ideas, and also his teachings, were nonetheless present" at the three-day event.

Wow I wonder if they had mini-cows and Dutch cows with air conditioned helmets there?!?

"One of the most difficult challenges in this ideological work is succeeding in making the worker feel like a collective owner of the society‘s riches — and acting accordingly," Castro said in remarks lasting under an hour.

Hmm…… maybe they do feel that they are owners that’s why they take some of the assets home. Damm! he can go a whole hour without a drink?!?

"But it‘s also been due to our old and new errors," he said. "Some union leaders have not made the best decisions, nor employed the best work form."

Yes, enslaving people and exploiting them by not paying a fair wage and then, having tourists on the island flaunting all sorts of material things in their faces is probably not the best “form”

The younger Castro repeatedly cited former remarks by his brother, but said nothing specific about the health of the leader, who ceded power July 31.

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