29 November 2007


And so I’m watching the TV last night and they say there’s a development in the case of the little Cuban girl in the middle of another international custody battle. You know those news teasers. Armed with ever ready-ever charged laptop with built in Comcastic wireless connectivity, I breathlessly scour the internet for news expecting to find pictures of Federal Marshalls, tear gas and white vans whisking the poor child to a life of slavery, servitude and socialized misery.


Back to the tube working the remote like an X-Box 360 controller I scan the 800 plus Comcastic channels with nothing on with no luck.

So, finally at 10:00 PM I find out the girl's father is staying in the US. A settlement.

Holy Crap!

I know the conspiracy theory gene runs deep and rampant in my veins, but what is this all about?

This whole soap opera was being produced and scripted in Havana. Did the Cuban script writers walk out of their jobs in solidarity with their fellow communist script-writing brethren in Hollywood?

Or did Raul blink?

Did the father defect?

Maybe Raul has decided to live up to Brian Latell’s label of him as “pragmatic” and decided to cancel the soap opera .

Maybe it’s just communist pragmatism-a small strategic retreat in hopes of wining the battle later.

Oh and ther'es a big butt in all of this: the judge's. The "C" word judge. Jeri Cohen. She has to agree on the settlement. She was the star of this soap opera-with those kooky deer caught in the headlight eyes. How dare Raul cancel her show!

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