08 November 2007

Cubazuela Si, Yanqui...Maybe

I admit I like to have a little fun with the idea of a Cubazuelan federation led by Emperor Chavez.

But, it seems the joke may be on me.

By all indications this “federation” is all systems go.

Felipe Perez Roque made his pronouncement in New York that Cuba would be willing to give up its sovereignty and flag in order to enter into such a federation. Although there was no comment in the Cuban state-run media, Ricardo Alarcon supported Roque’s comments though he dismissed them as something that would not happen in the near future. Last night on Maria Elvira Live, Host Maria Elvira Salazar, reported that one of the changes to the Venezuelan constitution being put up for a referendum on Dec 2 is an article that constitutionally ties Venezuela and Cuba.

Even so, it appears that Raul is maneuvering the regime towards a possible future thaw in relations with the United States.

Some of the small moves he has made will put the regime in a better position to negotiate with the next administration if it has to.

For example, last year the Cuban regime started to disassociate itself with the terror groups that Fidel had supported in the past. For example, last year it was reported by CNN that the ETA, an terrorist organization of Basque Separatists, was looking to leave its safe haven in Havana for new digs in Bolivia, perhaps at the request of the regime. Cuba has also hosted talks with Colombian terrorist guerrilla groups FARC and ELN and the Columbian government. These moves may be designed to get Cuba off the “state sponsor of terrorism” list.

The regime has also noticeably changed it “dissident control” tactics replacing long incarcerations with short “holdings” and less brutal intimidation. Raul has also been trying to live up to his Stateside –academic created label of Mr. Pragmatic by calling for a national “debate” on the revolutions problems-that should take another 10 years or so- and by promising to make some changes.

Now we learn that Raul is sending Jorge Bolaños to head its Interest Section in Washington DC. This move signals to many Cuba watchers possible upcoming delicate negotiations with the Empire.


Tomás Estrada-Palma said...

Raul is just suckering Hugo out of as much oil as possible playing on Hugo's grand delusions .

Marta said...

I am reminded of Star Wars. The moment when Obi-Wan's face turns ashen and he says, "That's no moon." and urges them to turn back.

(Venezuela would be the Death Star in this analogy, but I don't think Hugo has the stature or presence for Darth Vader. Your thoughts?)