22 November 2007

Don’t Drink and Think

So, another night of drinking, talking and philosophizing last night. It’s ok, it wasn’t a school night.

And my friend tells me-an aside here- (the best thing about blogging is that I can start sentences with ands, ifs and buts!)-that Hugo Chavez stopped in Havana to meet with Fidel. Things aren’t going well for Chavez. He’s got students and the military against him on his constitutional reforms. If he wants to legitimize his annexation of Cuba, he needs to get this constitutional reforms passed since one of the articles gives him the power to enter into federations.

Our communist conspiracy theory evolved from the previous days beers. That was a school night.

So, what if this federation idea is the love-brainchild of Fidel’s infirmed, senile mind and Hugo’s ummm…instincts? This would be the real “transition” from Fidel to Hugo. Leaving number two Raul, still playing second fiddle. Its important to note that only Fidel’s ideological followers and boot lickers, Perez Roque and Lague, the Talibans, are the ones talking up the Federation-and of course, Chavez.

Now, to the best of my recollection, the Cuban Parliamentary “selections” were not to take place until March. Raul moved them up to Jan. 20. The Venezuelan referendum is on Dec. 2. So if Raul chooses to retire his older half brother by not putting him on the ballot, he can have a new “government” in place by the time Hugo can start to Federate-is federate a verb?-use you imagination.

Another Becks inspired thought was the media blitz declaring that the upcoming Cuban parliamentary “elections” could for the first time, not include, Fidel’s name. You know this kind of critical thinking or analysis did not come from the parrot press “covering” the regime in Havana and is more than likely a planted or leaked idea to test the waters and get people used to the idea of a Fideless Cuba with Fidel still alive.

Raul can, by cutting the brother out once and for all, string Chavez out on the federation idea and keep pimping Venezuela’s petro dollars and buy time to make some economic changes and stay in power. So are we forced to root for Raul in the short run here?

Tonight we will give thanks and praise. Three generations of Cubans. Screaming and arguing about Cuba.

Tomorrow: new conspiracy theories!

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