13 November 2007

The Summit of Hipocricy

The King of Spain, that’s right, in the XXI century they still have a King … pfftt, asked Hugo Chavez why he didn’t shut up. That is a valid question and a natural response to Chavez.

Yes. Why don’t you shut up? The King was trying to teach the upstart Emperor some regal indifference.

The question is not why Hugo doesn’t shut up, but why doesn’t Spain speak up. Why isn’t the Spanish foreign minister on the offensive calling Chavez out for his fascist ways rather than on the defensive, defending Spain who under Arnaz’s leadership actually condemned tyranny and defended freedom-XXI Century Fascism in the eyes of Hugo Chavez?

The Zapatero-lead socialist government of Spain has decided not to speak up. It has decided instead to engage old school tyrants and new wave constitutional dictators that enslave their people wrapped up in the myth of egalitarianism and XXXI Century socialism under its policy of “critical dialogue”. Hypocrisy

Hugo’s crime, as far as the Spaniards are concerned is not that he is on a course to enslave Latin America under the yoke of XXI century socialism-a leaner meaner socialism than the failed XX Century version that has crashed and burned everywhere, unfortunately taking 100,000,000 people with it. They don’t have a problem with that as long as the Spanish companies can make a little profit off the backs of the newly enslaved Latin Americans. Their problem with him is that he doesn’t have enough class to inflict his tyranny on the masses without calling undo attention to those are turning a blind eye in hopes of profiting from it.

Yes Hugo, Why don’t you shut up? We are supposed to speak in diplomatic feel good platitudes at these summits. We’re supposed to smile and have critical dialogue and make lots of money. We’re supposed to maintain some regal, above the fray indifference. Don’t expose our hypocrisy. Don’t ruin a good thing.

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Ziva said...

Exactly, I'd say "you ate it" Gusano. Notice how they were lining up to kiss hugo's ass and assure everyone that Spanish businesses would not be affected.