28 November 2007

El Güinero?

The blog of fellow Cuban blogger, El Güinero, has been silent since July 18. That was around the time when Ramiro began exerting even more control over access to the internet. We worry. We miss his stories of life in Güines.

Noticias Marti is reporting that his beloved city of Güines awoke to handmade anti-government signs on the main street – Calzada de Güines – on Saturday morning.

The sings which were glued to business facades had slogan like:

“Abajo Fidel Castro” ---“ Down with Fidel Castro”

“No mas comunismo”---“No more communism”

“Lo que necitamos es que te mueras”---“What we need is for you to die”

“Abajo el abuso”---“Down with abuse”

“Un mundo mejor es posible sin Fidel”---“A better World is posible without Fidel”

According to independent journalist, Roberto de Jesús Guerra Pérez, the regime deployed many police to eliminate the signs while a crowd of curious Cubans watched.

We can imagine El Güinero getting satisfaction out of seeing the regime’s flunkies scrubbing down walls to get rid of “the evidence”. We can also imagine El Güinero planning and carrying out the covert mission "pa’ joder todavia."

Maybe he staged this whole thing to let us know he's still there- jodiendo todavia.

We hope . We pray.

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