11 November 2007

¿El Vacilon del Domingo?

In some pinko-rojo, rojito- summit euphemistically called-(totalitarians love to use euphemisms a part and parcel of their propagandist newspeak to fool and appeal to what they euphemistically call the “masses”)-Summit for Friendship and Integration of Latin American People, Hugo, ¿porque no te callas?, Chavez received a phone call from his mentor and Cuban presidential “candidate” Fidel.

He was handed the phone by Cuban Vice President Carlos Lage while speaking about overthrown Chilean President Salvador Allende in a stadium in Santiago

Castro wasn't heard by the public because no one could get the speakerphone to work

Castro and Chavez conversed, with Chavez repeating Castro's words for the audience, according to the statement.

The were no reports as to whether the technologically, among other things, challenged Hugo, ¿porque no te callas?, Chavez got a similar call from Elvis or Walt Disney.

There is also no confirmation on what Enrique Santos and Joe Ferrero were up to when Hugo, ¿porque no te callas?, Chavez, got the phone call from Fidel.

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