19 November 2007

Pepito de Aviacion

Cuba’s new pragmatic and reform minded leader has decided to make good on his promise of “structural” changes.

On Thursday, he decreed that aircraft could be privately owned.

Way to go Raul!

And just think, I thought he was full of crap when he said that everyone in Cuba should be able to drink a glass of milk whenever they wished.

The hell with milk, now Pepito can buy an airline. He can put together all the “quilitos” left over from his $12 a month salary and buy some airplanes.

So I guess this means that Raul is selling the National Airline to some foreign investors.

Or maybe they’re starting to divide the looted Cuban National treasure amongst themselves and move towards a Russian style “transition” where the old nomenklatura thugs become the new entrepreneurial ruling “mob” by controlling the key national industries and ruling by intimidation.

I’m sure we’ll see what this is all about soon enough.

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Fantomas said...

migajas bro , migajas