25 January 2007

Rats Abandon Sinking Ship?

Are the Rats abandoning the sinking ship?

First we get word that Fidel’s eldest son, Fidel Castro Diaz-Balart, is looking to jump ship to Chile. Fidelito, as he’s is known, was allowed to travel out of Cuba WITH his wife for the first time for a visit to Chile. I guess he was a flight risk. It has been reported that during the trip, he scouted out properties in Chile for a possible move.

But it gets interesting. CNN is reporting that Basque Separatists Terrorists, ETA, are looking to relocate their operations to Morales’ Bolivia from Havana.
Do they know all know something we don't or is it something simpler?

Bolivia's Morales denies ties to ETA

LA PAZ, Bolivia (AP) --
Bolivian President Evo Morales denied Tuesday that his government has any ties with the Basque separatist group ETA following a Spanish news report that the militant organization is seeking sanctuary in Bolivia.

A leading member of Morales' political party did, however, acknowledge meeting in June with Basque politicians who were reported to be members of ETA's banned
political wing.

"In institutional terms, in party terms, there is no relation with ETA," Morales told a group of international reporters Tuesday.

The Spanish newspaper El Correo had reported that a lawmaker from Morales' Movement Toward Socialism party visited the Basque heartland in June and met with members of Batasuna, ETA's political arm.

The lawmaker, Feliciano Vegamonte, did not respond to repeated attempts to reach him Tuesday.

El Correo said that with Cuban leader Fidel Castro ailing, ETA fears it could lose the lone country that offers it sanctuary. So it is looking toward Bolivia as a possible alternative. The paper quoted unnamed Spanish security officials as its sources.

While Morales and other members of his party have visited the Basque country "in the culture of dialogue," he said, "I don't believe that ETA was there at the meetings. No. Practically, I've got no relation."

One of the stumbling blocks in any formalization of relations between Cuba and the United States is Cuba’s open support for ETA, which landed on the US’s list of Terrorist Sponsor Nations.

If ETA is looking to leave, it’s not because they “fear” anything. These guys are terrorists. They instill fear for a living. It’s most likely because the Cuban regime has made it clear to them that they are no longer welcome.
Severing ties to ETA formally, will remove a stumbling block for any possible future negotiations with Washington.

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