16 January 2008

The Huckster Proposes to Get Rid of Wet Foot/Dry Foot.

The dry foot part that is.

In an effort to appeal to some of his party’s base and in an effort to appear tough on immigration-read “spics”- , Mike Huckabee is flexing his xenophobic muscles. So, he has proposed that if elected, he would stop giving visas to immigrants who come from countries on the state sponsors of terrorism list.

Humm...that, for all intents and purposes, means Cubans. There are a handful of Iranian, North Korean, Sudanese and Syrian immigrants seeking US residence every year, but 47 Cubans a day, on average for the last seven years have been granted asylum.

Would Huckabee really do this? I doubt it.

Huckabee has a long and detailed public history of favoring doing business with Castro’s tyranny. He was anti-embargo back when he was the portly governor of Arkansas and he only seems to see the light when he travels south of the now partially dry Lake Okechobee. -In 2005, some our South Florida water management geniuses let water out of the lake because the 1,001 hurricanes that came through here brought too much rain and the high water level was destroying the eco-system and drowning some fish or something incredibly catastrophic like that. So, in 2006 it doesn’t rain. In 2007, same story. So now all the slimy creatures died anyway and it’s the human eco system that’s freaking ruined. And never mind the eco-system. My grass is what’s important. I can only water my grass once a week, on Sunday between 5:00AM and 8:00 AM and I’m freaking sleeping on Sunday at 5:00 AM. DAMMIT! and I swear when I was walking in my back yard this weekend , the grass was actually crunchy, but like Marta says, that’s not important right now. -Stay with me on this-So, in order to continue to allow Cuban REFUGEES in the country, the Huckster would then have to take Cuba off the terrorist list. Something which I believe is also high on Raul’s bucket list. And that’s a huge crack in the embargo wall because it would allow more travel and money to flow south to Havana and with that, more agricultural sales from – you guessed it!- Arkansas!

A win for Raul, a win for the Agribusiness conglomerates, a win for his Arkansas campaign contributing cronies. Everybody wins and makes money. The only losers are those pesky exiles in South Florida with crunchy lawns, who if Huckabee wins the Republican nomination and Clinton the Democratic, will be stuck choosing between the lesser of the two evils from Arkansas.


Charlie Bravo said...

Isn't Arkansas great, Gusano?
Look, the Clintons -who authored the dry foot wet foot, skunked out when Castro shot down the Brothers to the Rescue, who dealt Elian in exchange for who knows what.... and who are friendly with the Beast. Then you have the Huckster, who's poised to overshot whatever the Clintons' mark was....

Anonymous said...

"Everybody wins and makes money" Except the Cuban people of course, no change for them down on the plantation.