21 January 2008

The World Awaits Results of Cuba Election

The suspense continues in Havana this morning as the votes are counted. It is still too early to tell if the Communist Party will manage to hold on to power for the unprecedented 49th Year.

According to the AP, the “preliminary results” are expected this afternoon:

Cuba Parliament must decide on Castro
Preliminary results are expected this afternoon in Cuba's parliamentary elections. Cubans are being asked to back 614 top Communists, career politicians, musicians and athletes for posts in the legislature, known as the National Assembly.

As soon as the “preliminary results” are in, I will update this post to let you know who “won” the Cuban elections just in case it wasn’t the candidates, all from the same party, who were running unopposed. You know, things happen. No es facil.

Of course, once the results of the elections are final and the new National Assembly assembles, they will decide, according to the AP, whether Castro will remain their totalitarian ruler. In planet AP, you see, totalitarian dictators respect the votes of parliament. It is not the totalitarian dictator, Fidel, who decides what he’s going to do and then has his rubber stamp assembly agree. No, that’s just a bunch of right wing propaganda spread by the Miami Mafia:

Still unknown, however, is whether the assembly will choose Castro as council president when it convenes for the first time on Feb. 24, or whether the bearded revolutionary will step down after nearly 50 years at Cuba's helm.

Wow! More suspense!

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