09 January 2008



A revolution is about changing the social order and society. It’s about change-“cambio.”

Here’s a picture of a young Cuban boy celebrating the beginning of the revolution referring to the “change” that came to Havana 49 years ago in the form of Fidel & Co.


He’s wearing a shirt that says “revolución”.

Had he been wearing one that said “change” or “cambio”, he would most likely have been detained maybe even beaten.

Of course, it is impossible for him to ever rebel, revolt or change his lot in life.

Cambio, change, is an outlawed, dirty, subversive and foreign –even mercenary - word to the revolution. A revolution run by “revolutionaries” who don’t want change, who cling to the 50 year old Gospel of fear and hate and who worship inertia and excuses.

Cult of the Absurd. Frauds.

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