02 January 2008

Where's Fifo?

Again, they could not produce a walking, talking Fidel in fatigues. Not even for the 49th Anniversary of the “revolution” in which the Cuban people begin their 50th year in captivity. All they could muster up was a supposed “message” from the tyrant which was read on national TV in which he praised the Cuban people for their heroic “resistance.”

How true, since they haven’t been able to break the spirit of the Cuban people.

Going on 50 years of repression, indoctrination and isolation and still the regime can only maintain control by the use of brutal force. No “new man”. No socialist “ant –man” that puts the colon y before himself.

They know that one mistake and it’s all over.

They’re so afraid, that they keep threatening to re-select Fidel as President. This is a man who can’t even address his country live and they insist that he is well enough to make decisions and govern.

What a farce! But it diverts attention away from the promised changes that have yet to materialize.

Another year of inertia. From now till March there will be the soap opera like ( or is it sit-com like?) suspense of whether Castro will be “re-elected” as president which is being staged for the ever compliant international media. Meanwhile, the Cubans say “¿Fidel , quien?

Then from March to July it will be more meetings and “debates” and idea gathering in the “new” parliament. Then commissions will be appointed sometime in August through September to begin “studying” the proposals which will then be presented back to the parliament for debate which will order more studies to come up with a five-year plan for the island’s command economy.

But they buy themselves another year to enrich themselves on the sweat and tears of the Cuban people who endure (resist) the revolution.

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