24 January 2008


Fidel thought he was gonna die on July 27, 2006.

In his mortal panic, after handing the reins over to raul, he was busy tweaking his semi-autobiography. So he claims in his latest rambling reflection:

When I fell gravely ill on the night of the 26th and in the early morning of the 27th of July, I thought that would be the end, and while the doctors were fighting for my life, the head of the Council of State Office was reading me the text, at my insistence, and I was dictating the pertinent changes.

So rather than worry about what would happen to his forsaken revolution, Castro would like us to believe that he was more interested Ramonet’s fawning question and answer whitewashing of his life than he was about his ready-to-invade imaginary enemies to the North and thwarting the forewarned annexation that had he claimed had been planned immediately following to his death.

It seems like he’s saying that was then, when he thought it was the end, when his doctors, not him, were fighting for his life. And this is now. Now, he has been newly “re-elected” and he’s ready to lead again and thinking more than he ever has-“Never in my life had I thought so much.”

It sounds like the thinker is thinking about making a comeback. Re-tweaking the transition. Re-positioning himself.

A weak, decrepit Fidel – already forgotten by the Cuban people, unable to give speeches and relegated to writing “theme-papers” in his newspaper trying to be his old self. A re-tread Re-Castro.

Not that he would ever cling to power or anything…..

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