30 January 2008

Let Me Roll It...

What is it about the “C” word that scares people?

I wear my “cambio” wristband religiously.

Sometimes people ask what it’s for since it’s common knowledge that the thin silicon bracelets are used to raise awareness and funds in certain causes, each having a different color.

So a few times now when I explain what “cambio” means , I get the roll of the eyes.

I doubt that my enlightened acquaintances with the eye muscle problems would exercise their eye muscles if I was hawking a cause like Gay Rights- and no, that would not be a fuschia wristband, but a rainbow wristband-or ADD or Strabismus.

But mention the “C” word and you clear a room.

It’s not that almost 12 Million people living enslaved just 90 miles from Key West, bothers them. No! They just don’t want to hear anything about “C”uba.

I feel bad for the last young lady who asked me about my “cambio” wristband…right when she started to roll her eyes, I said I was kidding, that “change” was to remind me to remind her to change her underwear.

But I don’t feel so bad, she came back and said “Then, shouldn’t it be brown?”

I just rolled my eyes.

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