15 January 2008

Picture Watch...UPDATE 10:25 PM

Ok, so the President of the land of soccer players, transvestites and ethanol extraordinaire, Brazil, Lula da Silva, is in Havana to offer a Billion Dollars in "credits" to the moribund Dictator.

For a Cool Billion I would expect a photo-op with the Adidas Tracksuit wearing leader, but I admit I've been tainted by the quid pro quo ways of the Capitalist consumer society...always expecting something for something and something better for more $omethings. Un "interesado" as it where.

While I wait for the regime's official photshop -op, here's mine....

I know it's not great, but it's the thought and the good intentions that count. You see, I'm haven't totally gone over to the Empire's dark side...yet.

...And here's the regime's version:

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Anonymous said...

You loan money to corpses, you get stiffed. Ok, I know that´s bad, but in this case it is the truth. The people of Brazil can kiss that money goodbye.