25 January 2008

Still No Official Word From Havana...

Still no “official” results form the January 20th National Assembly “elections” in Castrolandia.

Could they have forgotten that in order to complete the electoral farce that they need to issue the “official” results at some point?

In the meantime, we have some news form a place that looks like what Havana might look like in another five years if things don’t change soon:

NASA: Mystery Creature On Mars Is Wind-Carved Rock

An image of a mysterious human-like creature on Mars that sparked a flurry of Internet activity is not an alien but a feature of the atmosphere, according to NASA.


… and in an somewhat related story, NASA is also studying this picture of a mysterious creature that appeared to be “hugging” trees in the forest. After many tests, however, the scientist concluded that the “creature” in the picture shows no signs of a personality or intelligence and have concluded that it’s just a funny looking tree, an FLT.

Double Drats!

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