31 December 2006

Chavez: Raul's Papi Chulo

While we all hope that the death of Fidel, brings about swift change in Cuba, this possibility seems highly unlikely.

With a more pragmatic dictator, in charge , we are probabaly headed for a meaner, leaner repression machine in the short term.

The re-eleclection of Hugo Chavez to Venezuela's presidency earlier this month, dashed any hopes of a quick democratization in Cuba.

This from the Orlando Sentinel. An objective , factual article with no praises for the free education and healthcare that is "endured" by all Cuban Citizens.

Cuba's remarkable macroeconomic performance in the past two years, mainly fueled by a productive partnership with Venezuela and, to a lower extent, soft credits from China, will reduce the need for major liberalizing reforms and offer incentives to stay the course. Albeit using a new calculation method that substantially inflates the value of its economy, Cuba reported a GDP growth of 11.8 percent in 2005 and 12.5 percent in 2006.

Just to give an idea about Venezuela's vital role in the Cuban economy, exports of professional services, mostly medical ones under special agreements with Caracas, generated $2.9 billion or about 40 percent of Cuba's total hard-currency revenues in 2005, replacing international tourism as the island's most important source of foreign exchange. And while earnings from tourism stagnated and remittances from abroad suffered a decline in 2006, Havana's authorities estimate that exports of professional services will peak at $5 billion this year, accounting for almost half of total revenues.

Considering Cuba's growing dependence on Venezuela, and the fact that President Hugo Chavez has just won re-election to another six-year term, it is likely that Raul will retain close ties with Caracas and avoid major policy changes that could jeopardize such a profitable relationship.

In conclusion , author Paolo Spadoni , assistant professor in the department of political science at Rollins College in Winter Park, correctly points out:

In short, anyone who expects Raul Castro to quickly promote a major transformation of the Cuban economy along capitalist lines, and abandon the existing socialist model, will remain disappointed. The new Cuban leader will likely introduce some gradual and limited market reforms aimed to translate the current macroeconomic bonanza into actual development, improve living standards, and guarantee popular support for his government.

Raul knows that he needs to make some economic consessions to the Cuban people in order to avoid a political crisis.

The Cuban regime under Raul, has thusfar been more reactionary than it had been under his brother. Its decisions so far have been made in reaction to American, exile and dissident actions or statements.

This is a clear indication that the regime percieves that there are pressures in and out of Cuba that may evolve into a crisis. In the past, Fidel would invite crises as a way to consolidate and strengthen his political control. The new regime will only weaken from any crisis so it is therefore trying to avert any form of crisis until power is further consolidated.

Dissapointment(?) In Havana this New Year's Eve

Rumors in Havana were that the cancer free dictator was going to appear on TV and address the country on the eve of the dictatorship's 48th anniversary.

What they got instead was a short. "the battle is not lost" statement from the ailing dictator who also reminded them that he's still calling the shots or at least the major ones.

Granma nor anyone in the regime has announced the visit from the Spanish doctor, Sabrido. Though everyone appears to know the visit occur ed. Some die-hard commie patria o muerte types claim that Cuba doesn't need to bring in foreign doctors and that news of the 6,000 mile house call is an vicious rumor spread by the Miami-Mafia. Cubans , always jodiendo, say that proof that the Dr. Sabrido's visit happened is that it WASN'T published in Granma because Granma only publishes lies.

Granma also reported that Castro talked to the Chinese Ambassador over the phone. Actually, a translator talked to the Chinese Ambassador, who's Spanish vocabulary is probably limited to "ron" and "jinetera"and wouldn't know if they were playing a tape of Fidel rambling on about Elian or mini-cows.

30 December 2006

"Castro" Sends Message to Cuban People

...... and Fidel says:

"I am grateful to you for your affection and support,''

"Regarding my recovery, I have always warned that it could be a prolonged process, but it is far from being a lost battle.

"I collaborate as a disciplined patient, attended by the...team of our doctors."

"I have had exchanges with our closest comrades always when cooperation has been necessary on vitally important issues.''

they didn't say wether they received this message via a medium or an Ouija Board

New Faces in Cuba's Future?

Admittedly, I threw a bit of a hissy fit yesterday because of the kid glove treatment that the MSM gives the Cuban Regime.

I’m not asking for an agenda driven yellow journalistic campaign against the Castro’s Regime, I just wish the truth would be reported raw and objectively, not fluffed up and sugar coated.

But it wasn’t always like that. Read how an MSM with a true social conscience used to cover atrocities in this post by Ziva at Babalu.

Just when I start to feel I went a little overboard, I come across this article from the Christian Science Monitor via Z Net. Obscene and offensive in its apologist tone that conveniently glosses over the atrocities committed by Castro and his “revolution”, it is incredibly informative in signaling what Raul’s plans are for Cuba.

In the last month, we saw the thrusting of Mariela Castro Espin in to the limelight. She was chosen by her father to proclaim that even though her famous uncle Fidel wanted to go back to work, the family was urging him to take it easy and that even if he came back, it would be in an honorary or advisor capacity.

This article confirms that she is being groomed for an influential position in her father’s turn at dynastical dictatorial rule:

In a country that is in the process of bidding a long farewell to its ageing revolutionaries, Mariela Castro brings an expectation of change along with an air of youthful passion. As the director of Cenesex (the National Sex Education Center) Ms. Castro is eager to consider where Cuba should go in a postrevolutionary era.

The article points out two more obvious communist who they feel will take on leadership roles in a post-Fide Cuba.

"The transition in Cuba has already taken place" and this new generation has a key role to play, says Richard Gott, a Latin American analyst and former foreign correspondent for the London-based The Guardian newspaper. "Carlos Lage (L) will be the brains behind the new government. He, together with Julio Soberon(R) at the central bank, will seek to chart a new economic course."

Gott, the Latin American analyst, says :
"Mariela Castro is a more than competent member of the Castro clan - she will have an important role in social affairs," he says. "The genial Abel Prieto might well be promoted from the culture ministry to something more taxing."
Cuban writer and culture minister Abel Prieto has also emerged as an influential power broker in a changing Cuba. Since joining the state bureaucracy and the politburo, the long-haired, middle-aged minister still exudes a passion for culture and a common touch.

In response to a question about the conflict of interest between writers and the state, Mr. Prieto laughs, saying that, "sometimes I feel like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, but I hope that artists and writers feel that I am still one of them."

Jekyll and Hyde? More like a hypocrite maybe, Abel?

Unlike many members of the government, Prieto is very candid as he speaks about allegations that the Cuban government censors political websites.


"It would be a delusion to think we could hide that torrent of information," he nsists, referring to anti-Castro websites. "The only possibility is to beat them with a better concept of life."

Go for it, Mullett Boy.

Prieto, because of a moment on Cuban television five years ago, is known as one of the few Cabinet ministers who has ever dared to challenge the president. Cubans recall a news segment in which Castro and Prieto appeared together.

After Castro blamed his minister for the fact that so many artists were leaving the country to work abroad, Prieto defended himself.

Millions watched as their supreme leader accepted his error and apologized to Abel Prieto.

Few interesting things:

Cubans within the regime only get into the limelight when they’re chosen to be in the limelight. So these are the rising stars of Raul’s dictatorship.

Raul is already making his own transition plans to hand the reigns of power over to the sons and daughters of the revolutionaries, thus declaring the revolution over.

Roque and Alarcon , noticeably absent.

Abel Prieto admits that the "torrent of information" on anti-Castro websites is impossible to "hide." (pat yourselves on the back, bloogers!).

Unfortunately, what is possible is to restrict access to the truth. (as well as fluffing it up and sugar coating it)

29 December 2006

Zen Like Indifference

Ah, How the MSM delights in reminding us that we exiles can only wait and see ... powerlessly……
How they relish in reminding us that WE didn’t bring Castro down, that time did, hinting at our cowardice…..

Brave souls they are, taunting the handcuffed.

Yet, when I read the MSM’s coverage of Cuba, Its mostly sugar coated fluff pieces.

Why isn’t Juan Carlos Herrera Acosta’s name on the front page of every American Paper this morning?

They can learn a valuable lesson from Mr. Herrera. He is a REAL journalist in a land where the truth is outlawed. Yet rather than write propaganda fluff pieces, he wrote about the truth. Now He rots in a Cuban jail, WHERE HE HAS SWEN HIS MOUTH SHUT in protest.

While the American “reporters” watch in silence with something worse than a Zen-like attitude:



“The hottest places in hell are reserved for those who in times of great moral crises maintain their neutrality”

From the Sun Sentinel:

Exiles show patience as they await Fidel's death, political change in Cuba
Associated Press
December 29, 2006

Since Castro handed off power to his brother Raul in July to recover from intestinal surgery, his public absence has given Cubans living in the U.S. more reason to hope for political change there than they've had in decades.

Yet after 47 years of Castro's rule, they are wary of making New Year's predictions and many express an almost Zen attitude about the country's future.

A Spanish surgeon recently flew to the island to treat Castro and later said he does not have cancer and is making a slow but steady recovery.

Most Cubans here saw the visit as well-choreographed spin control. Yet while many think political change in Cuba has begun, few believe that even Castro's death will lead to an overnight about face in the government or more than four decades of tempestuous U.S.-Cuba relations.

Writer and Cuban exile Norberto Fuentes, once a confidant of Raul Castro, believes the most significant moment in Cuban politics has already occurred with the handoff of power. But he warned that after Castro's death, the world should not expect mass chaos there, as Cuba's leaders ``have long planned for this moment.''

Even the most dogged anti-Castro Cubans who fled the island shortly after the revolution now say that change there is no longer tied to Fidel Castro.

``If Fidel dies or doesn't die, it's immaterial. It's the end of the system that we are looking for,'' said business leader Remedios Diaz Oliver, a board member of the hardline Cuban Lberty Council.

Carmen Rodriguez, 53, who came to the U.S. a decade ago and recently visited relatives in Matanzas, Cuba, is also only cautiously optimistic.

``Yes things may ease a bit,'' she said, ``but you've still got the same people surrounding Raul, the same people in power.''

And even though people in Miami talk frequently about Castro's health and the changes to come, ``in Cuba, life continues the same and nobody talks about it,'' she said.

Copyright © 2006, South Florida Sun-Sentinel

Read the Whole Fluff Piece Here

28 December 2006

Mullett Music Man

You can’t make stuff like this up

I think what they’re trying to say is that the Cuban culture Minister, Abel Prieto, AKA Mullet Music Man, is going to “create” new genres of music and “find” new artists.

In most of the rest of the world, what people listen to and the popular artists are dictated by the free market where, by and large, people vote with their wallets , but in Castrolandia all choices need to made for the “masses” by the all knowing “elite”

Here’s one of the elites making the decisions on what’s hip and happening. He looks like he has a grip on what’s in style; complete with mullett, Elvis sidebuns and Elton John glasses!

Mullett Man Abel Prieto

From Prensa Latina:

Cuba Boosts Culture for Happiness

Pinar del Rio, Cuba, Dec 28 (Prensa Latina) Cuban Culture Minister Abel Prieto said the quantity and quality of existing cultural offers in the country is a priority of his sector in the face of 2007.

The idea includes the creation of spaces for all kinds of music lovers, with a program
meeting the requirements of each sector, the minister told Prensa Latina.

After referring to the cultural achievements this year, Prieto reiterated his call for the consolidation of existing leisure activities and creation of new ones, also aimed at discovering talented local people.

"I would say that is our top priority for 2007, as it will mean higher quality of life, and help prevent negative attitudes," he noted.

They want to "prevent negative attitudes"

News Flash Mullett Boy:

and Forget About It
you Freaking Freak

Chismes *** Update ***

While I hate to talk about unconfirmed rumors for fear of spreading Castrist propaganda, we can have a little fun today being that it’s the holidays.

Let's call it Gossip. CHISME.

First the disclaimer:

You cannot believe a Communist

Communism is a religion.

Its faithful put communism before all else.

In the Communist creed “the ends justify the means”.

Therefore, It is not at all surprising for Raúl Castro to seek out an adherent of Communism to do his dirty work. Any communist professional is a communist first and a professional second. Ideology comes first. So we need to take what the Spanish doctor said with a grain of salt.

That having been said:

The chismes continue to fly out of Havana that Fidel is on ice. “ENGAVETADO”

“But, Dr. Garcia Sabrido said”……you say, A Cuban answers: “but he’s a Communist”, “and a friend of the Castros”

The announcement:

The chisme is that preparations for the funeral are not ready. The necessary arrangements will not be ready until mid-January or late January at the latest. The announcement will most likely be made on a Sunday.

Remember when the transfer of power was announced on July 31?

The media concentrated on the reaction on the streets of Miami celebrating.

That CANNOT happen again. They need to get everything ready so the focus of the international media is on the mourning in Havana, not the rejoicing in Miami.

Miami is already invaded with satellite TV trucks waiting for the announcement.

The regime has to ensure that in sheer numbers there are more mourners than rejoicers.

Originally, the chismes were that the announcement would be made this coming Monday night. Even Raúl talked about a Cuba without Fidel at the Parliament meeting last week.

But something happened. First, they needed to disprove Negroponte. Secondly, they needed to get their ducks in a row.

UPDATE: Abajo Fidel has a published report in Spanish that pretty much says the same as the Chismes above.

Isn’t gossiping fun?!?!?

27 December 2006

Thank You , Mr Ford.

Gerald Ford passed away today.

The only American President never to have been elected.

Before he pardoned Tricky Dicky, his popularity was in the 70’s. Afterwards, it plummeted to the 30’s.

Had he not pardoned Nixon, he most likely would have won the ’76 election against Carter, which he only narrowly lost anyway. But as president, he chose to unify the country by sparing it the pain of having to go through the trail of the only American president who had ever resigned in disgrace and risk his election.

We are a much better country for his sacrifice. I realize that now.

Thank You, Mr. Ford.

Granma Ignores Castro Crisis


It’s been a week since the Cuban government asked for a Spanish doctor to fly to Cuba to diagnose the ex-leader , Fidel Castro.

The news hit the wires on Sunday. Since then, there have been press conferences, protests and all hell has broken loose in Madrid over the controversial 6,000 mile house call.

The Doctor’s diagnosis that Castro, contrary to popular belief, doesn’t have cancer was in all the international newspapers except for Cuba’s

So much for Mr. “the revolution cannot lie, Raúl Castro”

What are they afraid of? That Cubans are going to find out that their health system is a house of propaganda leaflets? They pretty much already found out the first time they had to go to an emergency room.

And yet the propaganda about the marvels of the Cuban healthcare system continues:

From The Miami Herald. I had read this article before, but after this weekend’s events its good comedy. Here’s an excerpt:

Castro, who is widely believed to be terminally ill and who was too sick to attend his belated 80th birthday celebrations in Havana this month, made medical diplomacy a centerpiece of his regime. He dispatched Cuban doctors throughout the third world, and he soon expanded the free medical school offer to other Central American, South American, Caribbean and African countries. And in 2000, during a visit to Cuba by members of the U.S. Congressional Black Caucus, Castro offered free medical scholarships to U.S. students, too, if they agree to return to poor, underserved U.S. areas.

The first U.S. students arrived in the fall of 2001. They moved into the quarters of a former naval academy on the Cuban coast west of Havana, where there are 3,300 students from 29 countries. They were expected to spend the next six years (compared to four in a U.S. medical school) enduring blackouts, water shortages, an endless diet of rice and beans, long lines for everything, little phone or Internet contact with the rest of the world, and long months between visits home. They had to know (or take a 12-week course to quickly learn) Spanish. For the first two years, they live in dormitories. They receive a monthly stipend of about $4.

Why would anyone do that?

Most of the more than 90 U.S. students here are African American or Hispanic. Many graduated from top-tier U.S. colleges but couldn't go to medical schools in the U.S. because of the high cost or because of low scores on admission exams or a lack of prerequisite courses. Others didn't apply to U.S. medical schools, put off by the cost or focus on lucrative specialties

Article/Propaganda/Comedy Routine Here

Cuban Dissident Leaders Look Back On 2006:

Cuban Dissident Leaders look back on 2006:

Manuel Cuesta Morúa from Arco Progresista:
Cuesta Morúa feels that wether Cuban citizens express or not, theres a feeling “across all of society that Cuba cannot take anymore”. He added that the repression against dissidents is more “passive” and that the regime “reacts” against dissidents rather than bacy ot of its own “initiative”. He opines that 2007 will mark the formation of a new Cuban government, “within the revolution.”

Elizardo Sánchez, president of la Comisión Cubana de Derechos Humanos y Reconciliación Nacional:

In Sanchez’s opinión, the repression has been “constant like in previous years, although there was a downturn in August and September only to increase in October and November”. He added that the December 10 incident where government sympathizers violently impeded a peaceful march by the Ladies in White and Dr. Darsi Ferrer was “Raúl castro’s government flexing its muscle”

Héctor Palacios:

Mr. Palacios who was released from prison earlier this month after being given a 28 yr sentence in 2003, said that “people don’t have time to think about Castro’s health and are conscious of the need for change”.

Miriam Leiva from Damas de Blanco:

Ms. Leiva considers that “the level of repression is as strong as ever and that one can’t really “say that there was more this year”. The was no change with the dissidents, the repression, which was stronger in the country’s interior, continues to remind the population that they can’t move about and remind them that they are all hostages.”

Oscar Espinosa Chepe:

Chepe is one of the “Group of 75” imprisoned in the black spring of 2003. He has since been released and is somewhat more optimistic than his wife, Miriam Leiva. In his opinion, there has been a “growth in the population’s conciousness that there is a need for a change.” He pointed to more “respectful” attitude towards dissidents than say 4 or 5 years ago.

Surprisingly, he pointed to Raúl Castro’s invitation to open up a dialogue with the US which he feels “deserves a vote of confidence” since they have waited 48 years with Fidel , he doesn’t “know why not give Raúl five months?”

Val Watch Day 1

The Anti-Castro Blog, Babalu, has a post this morning supposedly from its managing editor, Mr. Valentin Prieto, informing his huge readership that he is temporarily handing over the reigns of his widely popular blog to “talented crew of contributors”.

Prieto was allegedly involved in a freak Noche Buena accident, but there are rumors circling in the blogosphere that he may have been the victim of a PETA “mojo” ambush.

PETA, People for the Ethical Treatment for Animals, are animal right “activists”. Prieto is an anti-Castro “extremist” and a roast pork enthusiast who occasionally uses his blog to promote pig roasting.

Prieto with one of his "victims"

In the post, which says: “Posted by Val Prieto at December 27, 2006 08:04 AM”, Val claims that “hopefully the treatment will begin to take effect today and ill be back on my hand on no time”

Now that the intransigent Prieto has temporarily relinquished power over “the island on the net without a bearded dictator”, blog readers worldwide will be carefully looking for any signs that Babalu will soften its hard-line against the Castro regime under the more pragmatic leadership of "pitbull" and the "conductor".

…. But seriously folks, let’s all stop over at Babalu and wish Val a speedy recovery.

26 December 2006

Cuban Democrat Wants REAL Change in Cuba Before US policy Change

With all the talk in the New Congress about normalizing relations with the “new” Cuba, it’s good to know that there’s another voice of reason in the House to counteract the euphoria about making a quick buck by some Republicans and kissing some left fanny on the Democratic side of the isle.

Albio Sires the new Cuban-America congressman from Jersey, who’s actually already in congress serving out the rest of Bob Menendez’s term, will be sworn in for his own term in January.

From the International Herald Tribune:

Sires, 55, is the only Cuban-born Democrat in the House. He hopes party leaders will ask him to serve on the International Relations Committee, where he can represent the interests of his diverse district across the Hudson River from Manhattan.

"I think I can bring a wealth of knowledge acquired through the different communities I represent," said Sires, who said his constituents are from many Central and Southern American countries.

Sires, who was 11 when his family left Cuba for the U.S., added he wants to have a voice in U.S.-Cuban policy. He said before any sanctions against Cuba are eased or
lifted, the communist-led country must show it is moving in the right direction.
"Cuba has to show a sign of good faith," Sires said. "Are they releasing any of the dissidents, are they moving toward democracy in any way, are they observing human rights in any way?"

Sires has relatives in Cuba, including three cousins he has never met.

Given the Democratic party’s recent history regarding Cuba, I doubt the Pelosi regime will grant the freshman Sires his wish of committee appointments, but we’ll see.

Make no mistake about it, Sires will fight for Cuba with tenacity and determination. Besides he is a Jesuit trained fellow Peacock, so he can’t be all that bad!

It's NOT Cancer

Dr. García Sabrido

Dr. José Luis García Sabrido:

''He hasn't got cancer''

''It is not planned that he will undergo another operation for the moment,''

“His condition is stable. He is recovering from a very serious operation.''

''He wants to return to work everyday,''

Dr Sabrido would not elaborate on the dictator’s condition saying:

"If I did, I would be revealing the patient's pathology”

"and we would be violating medical confidentiality and the Cuban government's media policy.''

Since the Cuba government’s media policy is to lie and propagandize everything, telling the truth would be a violation of their “policy”

A Madrid-based news website called Hechos de Hoy, or Today's Events, said it did some reporting on the surgeon's mission and found that Cuban officials called for help after some sort of unspecified medical crisis involving Castro on Tuesday, Dec. 19.

Interestingly, rumors began circulating in Havana and in Miami on Wednesday the 20th that Castro had had a major setback and they were having problems stabilizing him. This bit of news could be a confirmation of these rumors.
By Wednesday, it said, the crisis had abated, but ''Castro's weakness prompted the Cuban Embassy in Spain to urgently contact'' García Sabrido.

Doctors can be semantically devious at times. Once you have a cancerous growth removed, they can say that you don’t have cancer, especially if they examine you and find no other growths.

So since by his own admission , Garcia Sabrido doesn’t want to “violate the Cuban government's media policy.” , one can surmise that he has been told what to say and not say. Saying he doesn’t have cancer, in communist speak, is not the same as saying that he didn’t have cancer 5 months ago.

Other rumors flying around are that Castro is indeed in need of another operation, but given his condition and age, it cannot be performed until they improve his condition sufficiently. This rumor is not far fetched since they flew in equipment and medications not available in Cuba. The fact that the regime sought help, suggest that they feared that another surgical procedure would kill the patient so they brought an expert and equipment in to confirm the diagnosis and prescribe and institute a course of action to allow Castro to recuperate enough to withstand another surgical procedure.

25 December 2006

Pinocchio Instead of Santa

While Raul attacks the Pinocchio tactics of his own regime, the Cuban people keep getting buried in more lies for Christmas.

"The Revolution cannot lie…This isn't saying that there have been comrades who have lied, but the imprecision, inexact data, consciously or unconsciously masked, can no longer continue."

Raul made his remarks at the same National Assembly meetings where the regime announced that the Cuban economy had grown at a rate of 12.5% this year. That would make it the fastest growing economy in the western hemisphere.

Assuming, that the Cuban ecomomy DID grow at such a strong rate, where is the wealth going? Certainly not to the citizens who average $10 - $15 a month. Maybe they’re not liars, maybe they’re just magicians that made all that wealth disappear.

While the Pinocchian parliament is touting their statiscal illusion, we get this report from the Miami Herald:

New line of work in Cuba: begging.

Once, panhandlers were a rare sight in Cuba. But within the country's ailing economy, begging tourists is relatively lucrative.

…. Experts say the beggars are yet another sign of the strategies -- part survival, part hustle -- that some Cubans turn to when their income cannot meet their needs.

''The government is basically in denial of poverty,'' said Daniel Erikson of the InterAmerican Dialogue think tank in Washington.

He said Cuban panhandling is quite different from other parts of Latin America.

''The Cubans that are out there asking for money go home to their houses,'' Erikson said.

``They are not people living on the street like the rest of Latin America.''

Still, for other Cubans, begging is an embarrassment….

In another Pinocchian tale of official governmental deceipt, the Cuban Regime has yet to update its anxious citizens on the condition of the “maximum mummy” who is in such dire straights, that he is not expected to make it into next year. While the Cuban Citizenry is celebrating the Revolution’s 48th year, a Spanish Surgeon with special medical equipment was secretly flown into Havana to keep the dictator un-dead for a few more days.

I guess technically that's not lying, just omitting to tell the truth. Either way, it would make Pinocchio’s nose grow.


Feliz Navidad

24 December 2006

Here Comes Santa..err..The Grim Reaper

While Raul says:

"In this Revolution we are tired of excuses,"

“The Revolution cannot lie…This isn't saying that there have been comrades who have lied, but the imprecision, inexact data, consciously or unconsciously masked, can no longer continue."

The Cuban people are kept in dark as to the condition of “the maximum leader”

No official word this morning from Havana as to why a Spanish surgeon, José Luis García Sabrido, was flown to there on Thursday along with special equipment on a jet chartered by the Cuban government to evaluate Castro’s condition and determine if he needs further surgery.

In the last few weeks rumors were rampant that Castro was on life support and was being kept alive by artificial means. Other rumors said that he had died on Dec. 2.

In his delicate condition it is unlikely that the 80 year old dictator will survive another extensive surgery.

If Castro dies in the remaining days of 2006, I would be very surprised if his death is announced. They would most likely announce his death after 1 Jan 2007, the 48th anniversary of the revolution’s "triumph".

Cuba will already be “celebrating” so like I said on Thursday, a day after rumors started circulating that Castro had another hemorrage and that they were having trouble keeping him stable, the regime would decree that the celebrations continue because Fidel “would have wanted it that way”. The outside press would not know if the people are celebrating his death or his legacy or crying for joy or sorrow.

Cubans Dance in the Streets While Castro Fights for Life


23 December 2006

Tropical Tiny Tim

Fidel's Empty Chair

Just in time for Christmas, it’s the return of Tiny Tim.

The Ghost of AP’s Christmas Future has visited the news wires to show us what the world is going to be like without the loving and benevolent Tiny Tim.

From the AP’s Anita Snow via the Miami Herald (get some tissues)

The empty chair on the stage facing rows of more than 500 National Assembly deputies was a stark reminder of the 80-year-old Castro's illness and the doubts about whether the once larger-than-life leader will one day sit there again.

Left unoccupied out of respect for Castro, who stepped aside five months ago, the empty seat also underscored the widespread belief that no major changes in Cuba's economic system will occur while he is alive. His brother Raúl is believed to favor a modest economic opening.

If only the Capitalist Imperialist Scrooge to the North had not denied access to the riches and gifts form the north, Tiny Tim’s chair would probably not be empty and socialism would be saved.

Instead now, Tiny Tim’s brother, Tiny Tart, is being forced to make some economic concessions to save Socialism and Tiny Tim’s legacy.

Call me Scrooge, but what makes me sad this Christmas is not the empty chair, but the empty coffin.

22 December 2006

Once a Colony...........

Spanish firms have had lucrative deals with the Castro regime for years. They never had a problem turning a blind eye to the human rights abuses, misery and lack of freedom in the former crown jewel of their empire.

A Spanish opposition Party , Partido Popular, introduced a resolution that would work towards supporting the democratization of Cuba. The ruling Zapatero government was against the resolution because it would amount to interfering in the internal affairs of a sovereign nation.

The resolution was defeated 165 to 132 with 17 abstentions.

The ruling party in Spain is called the Worker’s Socialist Party (really) and it is lead by Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero (a ñangara).

The Zapatero government’s position on Cuba was articulated the next day by Trinidad Jiménez the Secretary of State for Ibero-America. She said that the important thing in Cuba was to prevent “instability, clashes and insure the changes come about in the agreed manner” (agreed to by whom?)

She reiterated that Spanish firms had been doing business in Cuba for years and that if the new Cuban leader would open up the country to the outside , it would mean new business opportunities for these firms and others in the future.---PROFITS

That’s some socialist party there. Putting corporate profits before workers.

Maybe we’re all in the Bizarro world.

Shaking In His Pumps?

Does Raul wear boots or pumps?

Well, whatever he’s wearing, he must be shaking in them.

His troops are corrupt racketeers that are up for sale.

The murderers he’s sharing power with are ready to throw him under the bus.

Even his dying brother’s family is making plans to get out of dodge.

……… and he’s got the world’s only super power ready to bitch slap him and all he’s got to defend himself is a bunch of 20 year old military tinker toys being kept together with duct tape.

………..and we’re depressed..hehehehe

21 December 2006

Snow, Flake in Cuba

Cuban authorities have denied speculation by many, including U.S. intelligence officials, that Fidel Castro is suffering from cancer or some other terminal


``Fidel is irreplaceable, save that we all replace him together, each one in his place'' Granma quoted Raul Castro as telling the closing session of Cuba's University Student Federation annual congress. ``The only substitute for Fidel can be the Communist Party of Cuba.''

Raúl Says.

From Sun-Sentinel
(via Anita Snow)

(Wonder if she ever met Fariñas?...)

(…Snow, Flake hmm..)

(…snow job…)

……… I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas ……..

Noche Buena in Cuba 2006

Tomorrow, they begin official celebrations in Cuba. Yes, in Cuba you need government permission to celebrate, and no, its not the same thing like getting a permit here.

The Cubans will be celebrating in government sponsored events from Dec 22 – Dec 24.
Thankfully, they’re letting Cubans celebrate Noche Buena. Here’s a great article on pre-Castro Noche Buena for those who are not familiar.

They will again be celebrating on the 1ST and 2nd to commemorate the 48th Anniversary of Batista leaving town. At least they get a long weekend out of it.

Now, what if they happen to make a certain announcement while the people are already out partying in the streets, and they officially announce to celebrate his life and not his death because , after all, he would have wanted it that way? The world press would say that the people are celebrating everything this man gave them, his life, not his death. They would say the tears , are tears of sorrow not joy.

Too slick?

Silent Night

Always melts my cold , cold heart..
The Last look into the Camera. She's thinking about the same thing as you and me.

20 December 2006

Flake Fallout

Cuban opposition groups inside the island are feeling the effects of “Flake Fallout”.

After the negative GOA report commissioned by US Reps. Delahunt and Flake, the flow of humanitarian aid to Cuban dissidents in the island has been “paralyzed”. Since Cuba’s totalitarian regime revokes the “ID Cars” or “papers” of all opposition or perceived opposition members, without the official ID, one becomes unemployable as the only legal employer is the regime. Because of this, the opposition basically cannot earn a living and depends on the kindness of foreign governments, organizations and relatives to survive.

Now, the dissidents are appealing to the same congressman who were responsible for causing the media storm that stopped the humanitarian aid from flowing, to do everything in their power to restore the flow of aid.

In their request they ask the congressmen “to do everything in your reach to urgently normalize the humanitarian assistance in the form of medicines, foodstuffs, and other materials needed for sustenance and to recognize the positive role of the programs that allowed the said aid to reach us.”

The opposition leaders had hoped to meet with a fact finding delegation led by Flake and Delahunt that flew to Havana to meet with Cuban officials this weekend, but their request was turned down. Miriam Leiva, an independent journalist, opined that the delegation did not meet with the dissidents as a "concession" to the Cuban government made in vain so Raul Castro would meet with the Congressional Delegation.


The opposition leaders making the request are: Elizardo Sánchez , Marta Beatriz Roque, Vladimiro Roca, and Gisela Delgado.

Roca(l) & Roque(r)

Granma has used the GOA report as ammunition and branded the internal opposition Yankee Imperialist CIA mercenaries. Congressman Flake did not mention the dissident’s request, but did offer up some words of wisdom on how Castro doesn’t have terminal cancer and will be back and how the US may want to consider a prisoner exchange with Havana.

Marta Beatriz Roque, a leading dissident summed the whole affair up succinctly and eloquently by saying that the congressional delegation "had not only left empty-handed, but with dirty hands as well"

Thanks to Ya No Mas and his news-hounding abilities for allowing the means to back up this post with quotes and published articles.


Maybe the "fact-finding" delegation had a positive effect after all.

Did anybody hear anything about ANOTHER CAGAMORRAGIA last night?

I hear like the wierdest rumors from my relatives playing "survivor"

US Starts Dealing

Yesterday we learned that Condoleeza Rice is expecting Cubans to demand democratization and that the international community should also put pressure on the Cuban regime, via the UN and the OAS.

Where did that come from?

The State Department has taken this whole Cuban transition scenario rather confidently as if they had an ace up their sleeve or at least a very effective plan that has a high certainty of success.

Bluffing? I boubt it . This is high stakes poker.

At times, to be honest, the State Department’s level of confidence while putting forth nothing more than their insistance that it's up to the Cubans in Cuba to decide their own future, has made me suspect drug use at the highest levels.

The one thing that is clear is that nothing will happen until Fidel Castro is dead.

Today John Maisto, US Ambassador to the OAS, said that now is the opportune time to for member States to act as a group to ensure democratic change in Cuba.

One card up.

If OAS member states refuse to recognize Raul Castro’s regime as legitimate, what then?

So it appears that one of the United State's plans will be to try to pressure Cuba into giving its citizens the Human Rights granted them under the Inter-American Human Rights Letter through the OAS. Once Castro is out of the way, member states who feared Castro, might be more willing to excert pressure. Canada and Costa Rica share the American vision for a free and Democratic Cuba.

Given the international support if not adulation of Castro and his totalitarian regime, I'm not feeling too optimistic that the AOS members will do the right thing and urge for democratic changes in Cuba.

The Cuban regime's options can be sweetened, however. OAS member Nations have always condemmed the US's economic sanctions on Cuba. A diplomatic deal brokered by the OAS would welcome Cuba back into the OAS and lift all sanctions if Cuba would agree to abide by the organization's Human Rights declaration. The alternative would be to have an isolated government that is not recognized as legitimate.

We will see after the funeral. To see the rest of the hand.

Raul will, of course, try to rely on marked cards and dealing from the bottom of the deck.

19 December 2006

Say What?

Frankly, I haven't paid much attention to the statements of the 10 Congressmen who went to Cuba this weekend once they got back. They were obviosly given the mushroom tour where they were kept in the dark and fed a bunch of bull shit and they seemed to relish in it.


From The Sun-Sentinel:

The delegation leader, Arizona Republican Jeff Flake, said the failure to achieve a meeting was "interpreted by us that the Cuban government is not ready to concede the new era or that a new era has begun." Nonetheless, he said, the dialogue had.As part of an effort to facilitate further talks between Washington and Havana, the delegation was in agreement a possible future deal on a prisoner swap could provide a way forward for further dialogue."We know there are fugitives from American justice here, and there are some in U.S. custody who are of interest to Cuba," Flake said. "Perhaps there is the basis of an agreement there."

What is he talking about? Who does he want to trade? "The Miami Five? I hope he doesn't mean sending Posada Carriles to Cuba in exchange for whatever dreg of American society is hiding out in Cuba. As a matter of fact, living in Cuba, is far worse punishemnt that being in jail here.

This Flake guy is aptly named.


In one of those really rare ocassions when I was having a few drinks with friends, we got around to discussing Cuba and how there's a general lack of knowledge about the situation there.

Someone said that watching reality TV shows like Survivor was more fun than keeping up with current events in Cuba. and Darfur, etc.

I chimed in that Cuba is the real Survivor Island. Daily life in Cuba is a struggle for survival that if filmed wouldn't be believed.

I remembered a post on Babalu from a few days ago and an Idea was born:

18 December 2006

Rice Expects Cubans to Pressure Raul

American Secretary of State (and Hugo Chavez’s fantasy girl), Condoleezza Rice, told Reuters that the US is expecting for the Cuban people to insist on having elections and on a democratic transition once Fidel Castro dies.

She also said that it would be wrong to assume that the Cuban people would accept another leader that’s not elected by the people.

Rice added that there will be pressure on Cuba to change and that the best way to achieve that change would be through a democratic process.

According to Ms. Rice, the international community must be ready to assist Cuba in its democratic transition like it did in Haiti and Liberia. The UN and the OAE would be the ideal institutions to play a role in the process.
Has a behind the scenes deal been cut with certain key allies to pressure Raul into making some real changes once Castro dies?
Here's another of these wierd non-chalant little hints that there is going to be an international effort to pressure the new Cuban regime to make meaningful changes.

17 December 2006

Raul Castro Extends Olive Branch With Middle Finger

Thanks, congressmen Delahunt and Flake. After going to Cuba to kiss the new dictator's butt and being snubbed, you get to go home emptyhanded and continue grandstanding while the Cuban dissidents you wouldn't or couldn't meet with get to stay with a gun to their heads loaded with the ammunition you supplied.

Here's more of the new tyrant's olive branch offering courtesy of his propaganda rag, Granma:

The GAO report provides incontrovertible proof of the systematic revelations by the Cuban government to the effect that the ill-named dissidence is nothing more than a group financed and directed by the U.S. government, real mercenaries, on the payroll and at the service of the historic enemy of the Cuban people: Yankee Imperialism, which today is not concealing its voracious intention of taking over Cuba again

the U.S. government is attempting to improve and continue its financing for internal subversion in our country

maintaining a wide, dirty pipeline for resources of all kinds, but only at the disposition of the mercenaries who make a living from the business of counterrevolution.

nurturing and carefully maintaining its paid parasites, as corrupt and immoral as the imperialism that sustains them.

Cuba will adopt, at any time, the measures it deems necessary for confronting this type of aggression

San Lazaro

Me van a quitar el carné de cubano.

Se me había olvidado que hoy es San Lázaro, Babalú.

Menos mal que fui a Babalú Blog hoy tempranito.

Anoche no le prendí una vela al viejo, pero cuando Val me lo recordó, prendí mi tabaco y le eche un poco de humo al viejo y le pedí que cuidara y ayudara a nuestra Patria.

En mi casa, prendimos la segunda vela de Hanukkah,

fuimos a misa

y le eche humo al viejo, todo en espacio de 24 horas.

¿Confusión religiosa?

No, respeto a las tradiciones y la cultura que nos une.

Nosotros, que nos acusan de ser radicales e intransigentes, nos gusta embrazar a todo para aprender y entender.

Lo que aquí llaman “diversity” en Cuba se invento hace cien años.

16 December 2006

Cheerleading For The Undead-Updated

The Cheerleading for the UnDead Dictator began yesterday to counteract John Negroponte's claim that the Cuban tyrant wasn't long for this world.

The media blitz included a sister, an ex-daughter in-law, an adopted "sob" err..."son" and official Cuban government sources.

The Tyrant's sister and Miami resident, Juanita Castro, said that her relatives in Cuba have informed her that Castro's is recuparating. They are stranged and haven't spoken in years.
I saw this at the Miami Herald Sat. morning, but now I can't find it, so either I need to increase the meds. or they pulled it). She also said that noone in the family ever died of cancer. OK. So I am not nuts Orlando at El Confeti has Juanita's comments.

His ex-daughter in law, Idalmis Menéndez , says "From what I've heard from the family members with whom I'm in contact, he's still alive."

His adopted "sob" err...."son", Hugo Chavez said "Fidel doesn't have cancer. I'm very well-informed … he's instructed [Cuban officials] to inform me of all the details of what is happening,"

Not to be undone, Granma reported that Castro was in telephone contact with a governors' meeting yesterday where the call "prompted an ovation from participants" . (talking to the dead is not all that unusual to Cubans who sometimes go to "espiritistas" to dialogue with the other world)

Be that as it may.......

Why is the Cuban government laying down the Law for the International Press?

Why is South Florida being invaded with satellite trucks for broadcasting TV signals?
And why are there like five of these trucks parked outside the Versailles Restaurant in Miami?

Why are Christmas vacations being cancelled at all major news networks?

Why is Catie Couric making arrangements to the CBS evening news show from Miami?

All indications are that Something BIG is coming ....

Kickoff to Kicking the Bucket

The game is afoot.
Here's the Kickoff:

El Nuevo Herald

Cuba toughens rules for journalists

With Fidel Castro's health in question, Cuba updated -- and hardened -- its restrictions on foreign correspondents working in the country.

An avalanche of foreign journalists are expected to try to enter Cuba after Castro dies, but Cuba has strict requirements on journalists' visas and their work on the island.

From all indications, once the annoucement is made the Island will be shut off from the outside world and the International press will be "guided" They are already being intimidated:

''It is obvious that the government is preparing for an imminent event that will involve a massive influx of international journalists, and it wants to make it very clear what are the ground rules and limitations,'' said a European correspondent in Havana who requested anonymity. ``This is something that can be seen in all sectors of the country.''

There's no surprise here. Once the annoucement is made, the independent journalists will not be able to get stories out because communications and power will be cut. Foriegn journalists will report what they are told and shown and that will be all.

If any celebrations or protests spring up, they will be brutally put down and nobody will know for a while until anecdotal evidence starts to slip out.

Interestingly, the government is "promoting" spontenus celebrations at the end of the year to coincide with the revolution's 48th birthday. These celebrations will be at the same time as Christmas Eve Celebrations, Noche Buena.


Do Not Resuscitate

With Today's Medical Technology it is possibe to keep a person "UnDead" for an extended period of time.
Rumor has it that somewhere in Havana there's a very old man being kept alive by artificial means.

But what quality of life does this once mighty revolutionary have?

We must protest that he be kept alive in this undignified and inhumane way.

Let him, in death, achieve the human dignity he has denied to so many for so long.

15 December 2006

King of Kuba Kisses Kongressmen's Kulo

I niavely wrote on Wednesday that a 10 member fact finding congressional delegation lead by Congressman Delahunt (D) MA, and Jeff Flake (R) AZ was going to Cuba on Dec15, to kiss Raul Castro’s butt and accept the “olive branch” that the new Cuban dictator offered the US during his coronation speech on Dec. 2. :King of Kuba to get Kulo Kissed

Man, what was I thinking ?!? It turns out it’s the other way around. It’s the new King of Kuba that’s going to be Kissing Kongressional Kulo.
In Thursday's front page of Granma, the official organ of Cuba’s communist party, there’s a scathing propaganda piece that uses the GOA report that the above referenced Congressmen commissioned as ammunition to call the internal Cuban dissent movement and its independent journalists the “mercenary” agents of “Yankee Imperialism”. In the spirit of communist olive branch offering, the article, which warned the US that Cuba would do whatever it takes to defend itself from foreign tampering in the regime's internal affairs, was published to coincide with the congressional delegation's visit.

From Granma:

According to the U.S. media itself, more than half of these funds never made it to Cuba; instead, they remained in Miami. Likewise, part of the money was used to buy articles such as video games, canned crabmeat, bicycles, luxury coats and chocolates and DVD players, reflecting, in all of its magnitude, the official U.S. business of the counterrevolution in Cuba, and the enormous dividends that it brings to the anti-Cuba industry based in Miami.

The report also reveals that of the total funds wasted, part was squandered on items that the United States Interests Section in Havana is trying to distribute in Cuba, to which end that office handed out, between 1996 and 2006, some 385,000 books, bulletins and other “informative” material, according to the information in the GAO document. That was in addition to the correspondence “journalism courses” for more than 200 mercenaries, the publication of approximately 23,000 reports
by so-called “independent journalists” on the situation in Cuba, and the financing of the visit to our country by more than 200 “international experts” to train the domestic counterrevolution.

This confirms the grounds for the reiterated revelations by our government of the U.S. Interests Section, which acts as the headquarters of the counterrevolution, and it also shows in an irrefutable manner how that Interests Section flagrantly violates the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations of April 18, 1961, by bringing into Cuba — abusing its diplomatic privileges — articles and materials that are not for the official use of that diplomatic mission, but for supplying the mercenaries who work at the service of the U.S. government.

The congressmen, who’s stated agenda is to remove the array of economic sanctions imposed on Cuba by the United States, commomly referred to as the embargo, who believe that “ Normalizing relations with Cuba ''presents multiple opportunities for us. There are an abundance of economic opportunities for Americans in Cuba, including for businesspeople and farmers”, are scheduled to meet with Cuban high – government officials and have requested a meeting with Cuba’s acting dictator, Raul Castro. At the meeting Raul should give thanks and praise to the delegation for helping his regime discredit and humiliate the brave group of Cubans who risk life, limb and liberty everyday to bring about democratic reform to their enslaved country by commissioning the self-serving GOA report. Delahunt sees the GOA report more as a tool or ammunition to achieve his goal of changing US policy towards Cuba. "This really cries for a more thorough review of policy as opposed to just simply focusing on the findings and looking at it as an auditing problem." He admitted earlier this year when referring to the GOA report.

While in Cuba, the bipartisan delegation will be looking for evidence that Cuba will ''give political status to dissidents and democratic activists,'' Delahunt said. These are of course the same people that he just helped give mercenary status to, but what the hey.

To add insult to injury, the delegation also wants to meet with some of same prominent dissidents they just hung out to dry at the US Interest Section in Cuba. Maybe they intend to rub some salt on their wounds?

Tuesday night on Café Cubano’s Blog Radio Show, Enrique, Blogmaster of Abajo Fidel, informed the audience that Marta Beatriz Roque said theres is chance that she and other dissidents could meet with the American delegation to inform them of the growing repression. Cuban dissidents have called for easement of remittance and travel laws between the US and Cuba as have Delahunt and Flake.

I hope that in their visit to Cuba the congressmen realize that when they play politics in Washington, it can have a real devasting effect on the lives of people thousands of miles away from the seat of power and that their words and actions can cause a person to lose their liberty or even life. Dissidents and Independent journalists in Cuba play for keeps. So does the Regime.
From the Sun-Sentinel , the Delegation:
Democrats: Jane Harman and Hilda Solis, Calif.; William Delahunt and James
McGovern, Mass.; Gregory Meeks, N.Y.; and Lincoln Davis, Tenn.

Republicans: Jeff Flake, Ariz.; Jerry Moran, Kan.; Jo Ann Emerson, Mo.;
and Mike Conaway, Texas.

Negroponte Watches Channel Six!

Cuban President Fidel Castro is very ill and close to death, Director of National Intelligence John D. Negroponte said yesterday.

"Everything we see indicates it will not be much longer . . . months, not years," Negroponte told a meeting of Washington Post editors and reporters.

Aren't YOU glad this guy is in charge of INTELLIGENCE.

14 December 2006

Why I Drink


shum peepul tuk a pol in Cuba an zey asxed ze cuban peepul shum queztuns.

haccordin to ze pol 1 out of 4 Cubanos is OK wiz tdeir fridom. datz 1 outta 4. one forth. ok?

dat meens dat 3 outta 4 ar nut ok wiz thr friidom datz 3 forths ok?
now laik i wuz shtinkin did deir sampol taik in two accunt comunistas demierda? no cuz dey trow ju in jail if ju ask a stupit question ike ju happy amigo? to a comunista de mierda cum on!

den deres thi peepuls in prizons , ar dey happy happy wiz deir fridom? no cuz dey in jail becoz di comunistas demierda pudem deir!

so huevva pay di muny for di survey , dey shud git deir mony bak, ok?

now, were did i put dat botle?

que bando de comemierdas, caballero!

Castro Still UnDead, Film at 11:00

From Channel NBC6 in South Florida:

S. Fla. Prepares As Rumors About Castro's Health Mount

Channel 6 is reporting that Castro's health remains a state secret. But, there are rumors .(did my mom call them too?!?)

The latest rumor, according to Channel 6 is that Castro died on Dec 3.

Actually, the latest rumor is that he's being kept alive by articial means.

It seems that Florida has its own Coco Rojo plan to deal with those pesky dissident exiles.

The US "could" close marinas and airports, limit fuel sales to boaters monitor traffic to the Florida Keys in anticipation of a mass exodus from the socialist paradise geographically located 90 miles south of Key West.

There are no plans to incarcerate those of Cuban descent "for their own protection" in UMAP (Unexpected Migratory Action Plan) camps yet.

...... developing.......

We'll Talk Ater the Funeral UPDATED

Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs Thomas Shannon said yesterday in a Washington press conference that the Communist regime of Cuba has increased its repression since Castro temporarily transferred power to his brother, Recastro.

He added that the regime’s move towards (Marxist) orthodoxy in recent months is designed to consolidate power and impede the presence of “reformists” within the regime that may try to make any changes.

He also added that the potential “reformists” are waiting for the right time to make a move.

Future US – Cuba relations hinge on what happens after Fidel Castro’s death is announced. At that point, the regime either has the option to continue the repression or opening up to the rest of the world.

The US has publicly spurned Raul Castro’s “olive branch” maintaining that any dialogue should be between Cuba and its citizens not the US.

Interestingly, today the Miami Herald reports that Cuba is using diplomatic back channels to try open a dialogue with the USA.

These channels are through the Swiss Ambassador which acts as an intermediary between the US and Cuba.:

Ambassador Bertrand Louis met with State Department officials and influential members of the Cuban-American community in Washington, including Florida Republican Sen. Mel Martinez, the persons added.

The Swiss embassy in Washington confirmed the visit but declined to comment on its purpose. But those who met with Louis believe he came to repeat Raúl Castro's message that he's willing to open talks with the Bush administration.

In his talks with Cuban Americans, Louis also explored the exile community's possible responses to Cuba's search for a dialogue with Washington, according to those who met with him.

The Louis visit was the first sign that Raúl Castro is pulling diplomatic levers beyond public view to communicate his position, several Cuba watchers said. Castro has twice expressed a readiness to talk with Washington since his brother Fidel ceded power July 31 for health reasons……..

…..The Swiss ambassador carried a message that ''it was time to work out the differences,'' according to one person familiar with the Cuban government's outreach
Article Here

Analysis and what Cubans in Cuba are saying about this from Charlie Bravo at Killcastro

Walmart has Better Prices Anyway

13 December 2006

The Waiting is the Hardest Part

Even my Mother is hearing voices now.

Her friend’s son’s wife’s cousin so and so says that wassisname is on life support and that they can keep him alive as long as they have to ,blah,blah,blah.

When the mausoleum is completed and they’re good and ready, we will know. All communications to the island will be cut, dissidents, independent journalists and anyone who may be a threat, (these are very paranoid people), will be locked up. Operation COCO ROJO. No resistance will be tolerated. A state of siege, island wide.

Then they’ll make arrangements to start bringing people into the island. They want to have 4,000,000 people see Castro’s body.

During the funeral, they will need to have the Armed forces on alert which means they can tops have 200,000 troops and/or agents to control 4,000,000.That’s 1 security for every 20 people.

Now they can’t give bullets to 200,000 for fear that they’ll revolt. And a crowd of 4,000,000 can do whatever the hell they want.

So I don’t see how that’s rumor is even feasible

Contra Toda Propaganda

One of my personal heroes, Armando Valladares, (check my profile),has written a fact based children’s book about life in Cuba to counteract two propaganda books that were being passed as reference books in the Miami-Dade School system, Vamos a Cuba and Cuban Kids.

The money quote:

''The books in the school system are filled with lies,'' said Valladares, referring to Vamos and Cuban Kids. ``I believe it is criminal to lie to a child.''

And that is the point.

If you want to have a book exalting life in Communist Cuba: Great! But, label it fiction, don’t try to pass it off as a reference book.

Cuban children have no childhood. They are raised to be like Ché; cold, communist killing machines. They are fed lies and propaganda 24/7.

Those of us who live through it, know its not a matter of point of view or of subjectivity. The repression and misery that children are forced to endure in Cuba are hard objectives truths.

To deny, gloss and try to cover it up should also be a crime. There is no moral relativism when a child suffers.

Here’s the Miami Herald article. Check out the quotes around the word “reality”

You know, putting quotes around the “reality” that I lived and that 11 million Cubans are living right now, is just as insulting to a Cuban as that idiotic conference they’re having in Tehran discussing the “holocaust”.

King of Kuba to get Kulo Kissed

You know it was just a matter of time until US elected officials would take Raul Recastro’s “invitation” to negotiate and run to Havana and have a little boot-lick(pump lick in Raul’s case)/butt-kiss fest.

Well, the time is here. 10 US congressmen lead by William Delahunt will leave for Havana on December 15, just 13 days after Raul extended a much touted “olive branch” during a speech officially commemorating the 50th anniversary of the start of the “revolution”, but unofficially celebrating his coronation to tyrannical omnipotence.

William Delahunt

Bloomberg reports:

Delahunt is leading a group of 10 Republican and Democratic congressmen to Cuba on December 15 to assess the situation after President Fidel Castro handed interim power to his brother Raul in July. The group has requested a meeting with Raul Castro.

Delahunt has also stated that:

The US Congress will pass legislation next year to ease restrictions on family travel and financial transfers to Cuba, Representative William Delahunt, co-chair of a congressional group seeking to loosen the US embargo.

Article from the Caribbean Net News Here

Delahunt is the congressman who asked the GOA to investigate the disbursement of US funds to help dissidents in Cuba giving anti-exile hacks ammunition to attack our honor and motives and giving the tyranny ammunition to accuse the internal dissidents of being paid mercenaries.

Delahunt, the Quincy Mass Democrat, is also a fan of Venezuelan Tyrant-in-Training Hugo Chavez and his deal to supply cheap oil via the Kennedy family to the Massachusetts poor .

Mr Delahunt has no problems spending thousands in taxpayer dollars to go take 9 other congressmen on a “fact-finding” mission to Cuba, yet has a problem that a couple of Cuban dissidents got a few sweaters from Costco and that the sick son of a jailed Cuban dissident got a gameboy to pass the time while he was confined to a body harness due to a brain operation.

12 December 2006

More Voices

The Voices are getting louder:

Rumors continue to swirl that Castro has finally been unplugged from the respirator.

Before we go and start the premature banging on pots again, we need to keep two things in mind:

1. About the police being put on alert: It may only be a drill:

The U.S. government wants to avoid such a tragedy. And today, federal, state and local authorities performed a drill in Broward County on how federal, state and local agencies would respond to a mass exodus from the communist island to South Florida

2.On Dec 10, Haitian president Rene Preval, said he would soon leave the country for treatment and more tests. Preval said blood tests in Havana showed possible signs of cancer. The tests were inconclusive and that he would have to return to Cuba on Dec. 26 for more tests and unspecified treatment.
Now there’s a rumor going around that Preval was really in Havana performing a super secret Haitian ritual designed to turn Fidel Castro into a zombie, so that he could continue to make videos in his Adidas suit.

That’s what the voices say.

You Can Go But NOT Have Too Much Fun

So if you feel you're howling at the moon and no one hears you......

Take heart There is alot of people listening and howling just as loud.

Havel calls for boycott on tourism in Cuba (kinda sorta)

Former Czech president Vaclav Havel called on people to boycott tourist trips to
Cuba in a video recording presented at a conference held by Lech Walesa, former
Polish president and a Nobel Peace Prize winner, in Warsaw today.

"I cannot go to Cuba to relax on the beach and keep my eyes shut, while dozens of political prisoners are behind bars there," said Havel, who spent a total of five years in Czech communist prisons as a regime opponent.

In Warsaw, Havel also recalled a story from his dissident years when he was taken to the dentist´s in handcuffs, but other patients in the surgery pretended they did not care.

"We cannot pretend that nothing wrong happens in Cuba. A lot of evil occurs there," Havel added.

The AFP news agency also reported that Havel has had himself voluntarily shot in prison´s clothes among other prisoners one of whom was eating banana as an allusion to the fact that bananas were exported from Cuba to communist countries, including then Czechoslovakia, in the past.

Rest of the article here

Havel and Walesa are Titans of the 20th and 21st Century. True heroes on our side championing our cause not because thay have to , like we do, but because they feel they must.


It seems that the AFP missinterpreted Havels video statement because his office today denied that he had called for a boycott of travel to Cuba:

Prague- Former president Vaclav Havel today denied the information that he had called for boycott of tourism in Cuba, Havel's secretary Jakub Hladik said.

Hladik said that the video recording was 18 months old. "However, Havel does not call for the boycott of trips to Cuba in it. He wants the public to realise the local political situation, which may not be always apparent from the suites of luxurious hotels,"

So you can go to Cuba, but don't have too much fun.

Somebody Pinch Me

A dictator is a dictator, but......

That is the opinion of the Washington Post, which somehow wound up kindda like excusing Pinochet 's authoritarian excesses in this editorial.

The old Marxist creed that the ends justify the means makes committed Marxists adversaries that will not respect any opposing idea and unfortunately they have to be treated as ruthlessly as they are willing to treat you. Marxism or even Islamofacism, needs to be eradicated, exterminated and defeated soundly in order for society to have a chance to prosper.

That is called fighting for freedom. Was Pinochet a freedom fighter who saved Chile from a Cuban-like fate? Was he a Tyrant? Did he sacrifice his soul to save his country and make it what it is today?(socialist! sorry, couldn't help it)

For years I heard comparisons between Pinochet and Castro. I always scoffed and said "At least the Chileans had toilet paper" Pinochet seemed almost "benevolent" to me when compared to Castro. But I'm biased and scarred because i had no toilet paper growing up.

Small Excerpt:

Like it or not, Mr. Pinochet had something to do with this success. To the dismay of every economic minister in Latin America, he introduced the free-market policies that produced the Chilean economic miracle -- and that not even Allende's socialist successors have dared reverse. He also accepted a transition to democracy, stepping down peacefully in 1990 after losing a referendum.

By way of contrast, Fidel Castro -- Mr. Pinochet's nemesis and a hero to many in Latin America and beyond -- will leave behind an economically ruined and freedomless country with his approaching death. Mr. Castro also killed and exiled thousands. But even when it became obvious that his communist economic system had impoverished his country, he refused to abandon that system: He spent the last years of his rule reversing a partial liberalization. To the end he also imprisoned or persecuted anyone who suggested Cubans could benefit from freedom of speech or the right to vote
Editorial Here

Maybe better, but still Bad.