09 December 2006

Bush and Arias Discuss Cuba

Costa Rican president and Nobel Laureate, Oscar Arias, has advised Raul Castro Ruz, Cuba’s new Dictator, that he should open a dialogue with the Cuban people.

Arias who was in Washington D.C. to meet with President Bush on Wednesday, Dec. 6. to discuss Latin American concerns including the Cuban transition and Hugo Chavez’s re-election.

The Costa Rican leader, who is a critic of the American ecomomic sanctions commonly referred to as the Embargo, agreed with the US response to Raul Castro’s invitation to negotiate, that the negotiations about democracy have to be with the Cuban people and not with Washington.

Answering questions after his meeting with Bush, Arias admitted that the subject of Cuba had come up, but didn’t divulge any details as to the conversations.

He did, however, emphasize that he is supporter of bringing democracy to the Cuban people.

Costa Rica, which has a thriving democracy, believes that it is unjust that there is only one county in Latin America that doesn’t share in the fruits of democracy and freedom like the other countries do.

Arias has been an outspoken in his support for the democratization of Cuba and has been attacked by Cuban propaganda for his efforts

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