19 December 2006

Say What?

Frankly, I haven't paid much attention to the statements of the 10 Congressmen who went to Cuba this weekend once they got back. They were obviosly given the mushroom tour where they were kept in the dark and fed a bunch of bull shit and they seemed to relish in it.


From The Sun-Sentinel:

The delegation leader, Arizona Republican Jeff Flake, said the failure to achieve a meeting was "interpreted by us that the Cuban government is not ready to concede the new era or that a new era has begun." Nonetheless, he said, the dialogue had.As part of an effort to facilitate further talks between Washington and Havana, the delegation was in agreement a possible future deal on a prisoner swap could provide a way forward for further dialogue."We know there are fugitives from American justice here, and there are some in U.S. custody who are of interest to Cuba," Flake said. "Perhaps there is the basis of an agreement there."

What is he talking about? Who does he want to trade? "The Miami Five? I hope he doesn't mean sending Posada Carriles to Cuba in exchange for whatever dreg of American society is hiding out in Cuba. As a matter of fact, living in Cuba, is far worse punishemnt that being in jail here.

This Flake guy is aptly named.


!Ya No Mas! said...

William Delahunt a kiss-ass who is tryin to end the U.S. travel ban against cuba.Look at those "DEMORATS" (is not a typo)..Records each of those imbeciles lack knowledge about the cuban issues.You have a group of capitalist pigs who want to play charity with cuba and give those MAFIOSO regime billions of dollars in U.S trade and tourism. I say Bullshit to those Fuckin Fakers congressional delegation. Delahunt and James McGovern are part of the Cuba working group, which advocates an end to the travel and trade sanctions..In November 2005 Delahunt he met with Hugo Chavez and engineered a deal in which Venezuela would supply winter home heating oil at a 40% price reduction to thousands of low-income Massachusetts residents. The deal was carried out via the Venezuelan owned Citgo,and brought accusations that Delahunt was assisting an Anti-American tyrant.They all love chavez dog and pony shows.Delahunt and his cronies are Castro's bitches.

El Gusano said...

Alex: they're tools all of them