07 December 2006

Europeans Mussling in on Miami Mafia

European Union's Headquarters in Brussels, Belgium

Just as the media in the United States is in a feeding frenzy and the newley elected Democratic congress is getting ready to gut the aid given to Cuban dissidents via Cuban Exile organizations, The Non-Governmental Organizations of Europe asked the European Union to help dissidents and civil society in Cuba without waiting for a transition to occur. (Fidel Castro to die).

The request from fifteen civil European entities to "muscle" into the Godiva chocolate, cashmere sweater and Gameboy distribution business currently being monopolized by the Miami Mafia, came during a press round in Brussels.

The solicitation supported by such organizations such as the Konrad Adenauer Foundation, the Lech Walesa Institute, the International Demochristian Center and the Spanish Cuba in Transition Association among others are asking for the establishment of a financial instrument to materially support independent Cuban groups.

Rafael Rubio, president of the Spanish Association said that material and political support for the Cuban opposition and civil society is crucial at this point since the governmental transition taking place right now on the island was negotiated inside the Cuban regime without the participation of the Cuban people.

British EU Parliament Member Edward McMillan Scott urged that the European Initiative for Democracy and Human rights which includes predetermined procedures to promote democracy be used in Cuba.

McMillan Scott, a strong supporter of Cuban dissidents, met with the Ladies in White in Havana on October 29, 2006 while in Cuba on a private visit.

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Anonymous said...

the euros knows that change is starting and they want in on the $$$$ fulas. miami mafia has to say "say hello to my lil friend" jajajaja