19 December 2006


In one of those really rare ocassions when I was having a few drinks with friends, we got around to discussing Cuba and how there's a general lack of knowledge about the situation there.

Someone said that watching reality TV shows like Survivor was more fun than keeping up with current events in Cuba. and Darfur, etc.

I chimed in that Cuba is the real Survivor Island. Daily life in Cuba is a struggle for survival that if filmed wouldn't be believed.

I remembered a post on Babalu from a few days ago and an Idea was born:


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you can find humor in the suffering of 11,000,000 people.

El Gusano said...


I am not finding humor in the suffering of Cubans on the island. I was pointing out the irony of the 300 Million in this country who get a vicarious thrill out of watching people "survive" under incredible pressure and hardships on real life shows on TV when there iare ,as you point out, 11 Million engaged in a "real life" struggle for survival.

I understand that my ironic and sarcastic nature can apear callous , but I assure you that I would never disrespect, make fun or belittle my countrymen.

That being said, ask Santa for a sense of humor and shove it up your ass on Christmass day.

But thanks for commenting and stop buy again.