10 December 2006

Princess Mariela

The left is touting a new Princess to lead Cuba.

No not Raul .

Their new darling is emerging as Raul's 43 year old daughter , Mariela Castro Espin. Her revolutionary, ... err... communist pedigree comes form both sides since her mother Vilma, was with the Castro brothers from the start and served as Cuba's "first lady" throughout Fidel Castro's tyrannical regime.

Mariela Castro Espin

To add to her leftists credentials, she's involved in gay "rights" on the Island. Now, if gays are gonna have "rights" in Cuba, then there's going to be a lot of Cubanazos wearing eyeliner and pumps in Havana. The tyranny's fans conveniently gloss over the internment of gays in concentration camps in the 60's in a program called UMAP.

From the SCOTTSMAN online:
New face of Cuba's Castro dynasty

SHE may be the troublemaking, free-spirited rebel of the family, but Mariela
Castro is seen by some as the future of Cuban socialism.

While her father, Raúl Castro, has become the de facto leader of the country, with her uncle, the ailing president, Fidel, too sick to wield power, people are already
looking to the next generation .
Then there are these shocking quotes:

As a Cuban citizen, I think we have to explain, discuss and listen to people's questions and criticisms. I don't agree with closing the door on people's experiences." She said that dealing with criticism of Cuba's human-rights record and its lack of political rights was "complicated because of the US threat".

Referring to the US trade embargo and other efforts to topple President Castro, she said: "We are a besieged country and, under these conditions, some puritans and authoritarians take advantage to impose their point of view. We have constant contradictions in Cuban society." (emphasis Gusano)

¿QUE? Is that a dig at Uncle Fidel? Does she know they put people away for saying less than that?

Raúl Castro is reported to be impressed by some economic reforms carried out in China,and his daughter confirmed: "My father is well aware of the economic hardships, that many things are not working."

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