13 December 2006

King of Kuba to get Kulo Kissed

You know it was just a matter of time until US elected officials would take Raul Recastro’s “invitation” to negotiate and run to Havana and have a little boot-lick(pump lick in Raul’s case)/butt-kiss fest.

Well, the time is here. 10 US congressmen lead by William Delahunt will leave for Havana on December 15, just 13 days after Raul extended a much touted “olive branch” during a speech officially commemorating the 50th anniversary of the start of the “revolution”, but unofficially celebrating his coronation to tyrannical omnipotence.

William Delahunt

Bloomberg reports:

Delahunt is leading a group of 10 Republican and Democratic congressmen to Cuba on December 15 to assess the situation after President Fidel Castro handed interim power to his brother Raul in July. The group has requested a meeting with Raul Castro.

Delahunt has also stated that:

The US Congress will pass legislation next year to ease restrictions on family travel and financial transfers to Cuba, Representative William Delahunt, co-chair of a congressional group seeking to loosen the US embargo.

Article from the Caribbean Net News Here

Delahunt is the congressman who asked the GOA to investigate the disbursement of US funds to help dissidents in Cuba giving anti-exile hacks ammunition to attack our honor and motives and giving the tyranny ammunition to accuse the internal dissidents of being paid mercenaries.

Delahunt, the Quincy Mass Democrat, is also a fan of Venezuelan Tyrant-in-Training Hugo Chavez and his deal to supply cheap oil via the Kennedy family to the Massachusetts poor .

Mr Delahunt has no problems spending thousands in taxpayer dollars to go take 9 other congressmen on a “fact-finding” mission to Cuba, yet has a problem that a couple of Cuban dissidents got a few sweaters from Costco and that the sick son of a jailed Cuban dissident got a gameboy to pass the time while he was confined to a body harness due to a brain operation.


Anonymous said...

Hello Gusano,

I don't see why you beef so much about Delahunt's new visit. He goes regulary with groups. Why rant about this one? If Raul is the same as Fidel, then what does it matter?

And, how does the GAO report give "anti-exile hacks ammunition to attack our honor and motives and giving the tyranny ammunition to accuse the internal dissidents of being paid mercenaries"?

The GAO report made a very clear case that USAID was violating federal regulations that are articulated in the "Standards for Internal Control in the Federal Government". How can any agency distribute tax dollars without sufficient oversight and more than 90% of unsolicited proposals?

And, how does pointing this out attack your honor and motives? Its more honorable to see an agency do its work and point out violations of federal guidelines of humanitarian aid.

The report did not hinge on Costco bargains and Gameboys. Why do you point that out?

El Gusano said...


Thanks for stopping by. No one ever really comments on my rants, as you put it!, lol

I ‘m commenting on this particular visit because it’s a current event and I usually rant about current events. I ‘m not fond of the idea of politicians from my country dealing with dictators. I don’t know , its just repulsive to me.

The GOA report was commissioned by Delahunt and Flake to gather “ammunition” for their agenda: "This really cries for a more thorough review of policy as opposed to just simply focusing on the findings and looking at it as an auditing problem." (Delahunt)
I apologize the link I provided didn’t work correctly.
Once the report came out, it was used by what I consider anti exile “forces” (lol) as “ammunition” to beat us up over the head with it making sound like the money was being squandered because it was spent on such things a godiva chocolates and coloring book and some gameboys. Which I feel attacks hour honor and motives as a community.

The Cuban gov’t did the same. And said that the fact that the US gave material aid to the dissidents proved they were mercenaries.(so they too used the report as ammunition.

But you won’t get an argument from me about the government being obligated to spend tax dollars under their guidelines.

stop by again. excellent points!

Anonymous said...

This is Charlie Bravo....
I was trying to get in touch and comment today but Blogger's farting off on us.
Great post, we have posted also relating to this issue.

El Gusano said...

Thanks CB. I was over there reading your thesisis today and left some supporting evidence.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Gusano, I saw it.... thanks, y abajo la China!
We have been receiving reports of lobbysts visiting Cuba since after kasstro was sick, probably preparing for this visit.
(Charlie Bravo)

sakirielmalayo said...

Raul Castro is a commie and a murderer, and he too will probably die with feces growing out of his abdomen and running up to and into his mouth. Fidel's already eating his. Delahunt deserves it too. He's either a useful idiot, a la Carter, or he's one of those commies disguised as Caperucita Roja. Or both. Carter is no fool. The man really does things with insidious purposes that always end up attacking the United States. It's sickening how these lying communists are spreading Castro's feces all over the United States and all of the Americas. Abajo el comunismo. Down with communists, and people disguised as liberals like Kerry and Kennedy, the K&K boys from MA where the voters must be total idiots.