21 December 2006

Noche Buena in Cuba 2006

Tomorrow, they begin official celebrations in Cuba. Yes, in Cuba you need government permission to celebrate, and no, its not the same thing like getting a permit here.

The Cubans will be celebrating in government sponsored events from Dec 22 – Dec 24.
Thankfully, they’re letting Cubans celebrate Noche Buena. Here’s a great article on pre-Castro Noche Buena for those who are not familiar.

They will again be celebrating on the 1ST and 2nd to commemorate the 48th Anniversary of Batista leaving town. At least they get a long weekend out of it.

Now, what if they happen to make a certain announcement while the people are already out partying in the streets, and they officially announce to celebrate his life and not his death because , after all, he would have wanted it that way? The world press would say that the people are celebrating everything this man gave them, his life, not his death. They would say the tears , are tears of sorrow not joy.

Too slick?

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