18 December 2006

Rice Expects Cubans to Pressure Raul

American Secretary of State (and Hugo Chavez’s fantasy girl), Condoleezza Rice, told Reuters that the US is expecting for the Cuban people to insist on having elections and on a democratic transition once Fidel Castro dies.

She also said that it would be wrong to assume that the Cuban people would accept another leader that’s not elected by the people.

Rice added that there will be pressure on Cuba to change and that the best way to achieve that change would be through a democratic process.

According to Ms. Rice, the international community must be ready to assist Cuba in its democratic transition like it did in Haiti and Liberia. The UN and the OAE would be the ideal institutions to play a role in the process.
Has a behind the scenes deal been cut with certain key allies to pressure Raul into making some real changes once Castro dies?
Here's another of these wierd non-chalant little hints that there is going to be an international effort to pressure the new Cuban regime to make meaningful changes.


ITAIPU said...

think we all know who was responsible for that, the Godless liberals who cannot stand having their immorality shoved back in their ugly face!! The defenders of free thought, the Big Bang theory and evolution, are not only striking out at me, but at all Christians. . Last night, while I was sitting on my front-porch swing, gazing up at Heaven, President Bush appeared to me in a vision. He told me that my work was not yet finished, there were still many liberals who had not yet seen the glory of the coming of the Lord!!

El Gusano said...

lol. funny visual.was W wearing a confederate uniform?

Anonymous said...

I hope Jimmy Carter isnt going to officially observe these elections if they ever occur. God help us. Comepeanut!

Free Cuba!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Rise up Cuba! YA NO MAS!