10 January 2007

Ay Ay Ay Arias

Costa Rican President Oscar Arias continues to be that lone voice in the wilderness calling for human rights and the democratization of Cuba.

The Nobel Prize winner reiterated his wish that there should be a referendum in Cuba for the people to have a say in whether the wish Raúl Castro should continue to lead Cuba after his brother dies.

In an interview with Costa Rican radio station Radio Monumental he said that all he asks is that the right of auto-determination of all peoples be respected.

He also said that back in 1959 the Costa Rican president at the time, José Figueres, was the first to voice concerns that Fidel Castro government would turn into a communist tyranny. Arias said that he’s proud to be following in Figueres’ footsteps as well as in the footsteps of all Costa Ricans that are lovers of freedom and democracy.

Arias was attacked by the Regime’s propaganda attack dogs in Gramma where he was called an "opportunistic clown" and a "vulgar mercenary" of the United States for voicing his concerns for Cuba’s future after Castro dies.

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