15 January 2007

The Old Stitcheroo!

No, CastroI doesn't have Cancer, it's the old stitcheroo.

This from Reuters:

QUITO (Reuters) - Ailing Cuban leader Fidel Castro has been having problems with the healing of his stitches after stomach surgery last July, a diplomat said on Monday.

"Fidel has problems with his stitches healing," the diplomat said.

Cuban officials in Havana were not immediately available to comment on the remarks. But Cuban authorities have been insistent they will not divulge details of Castro's illness.

The diplomat said Castro was taken to the operating theater seven times in a single day in December to deal with the problem of his stitches. He did not give details.


The Castro II regime is now using its diplomatic corps as well as relatives to divulge information about the "sate secret" health of the moribund tyrant.

New information here is that he was taken into the ER SEVEN times in one day. This seems to suggest that there is something wrong with his recuperative abilities. Once the body starts to loose the ability to heal itself to the point that you have to be stitched up repeatedly, the patient is in dire straights. Given Castro's age, not a great prognosis.

Don't forget that in Cuban culture, the patient's family is "prepared" for the bad news by the doctors. The regime seems to be "preparing" Cuban society for the sad news about papa Fidel's death.


Anonymous said...

ha ha ha ..let me see...the stitcheroo lead to the switcheroo?

Camilo said...

Ultima hora:

Castro moribundo.

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