02 January 2007

Low Key Totalitarianism

New Year, no Fidel in sight.

There were no videos, radio messages, pictures or sightings of the dictator in Cuba this weekend, although a psychic in Mexico says he’s already on a different “plane”

The commemorative festivities for the revolution’s 48th anniversary in the island consisted of block parties, fairs, and concerts.

The regime designed and heavily promoted a campaign for people to go out and celebrate; almost forcing people to go out and dance in the streets. Mercifully, they were spared any political acts or speeches.

Raul is trying to begin his dictatorship on a good note, establishing a low key totalitarianism. What better way to win over some support from the Cubans that have ridiculed him for years than to give them a few days off and organize a big bash?

Today was supposed to be the day where new workplace rules designed to improve services and productivity were to have gone into effect, but the regime announced a postponement until April. Rumors then started that new economic initiatives might be announced early this month, perhaps today. We wait.

Raul’s propaganda machine has been busy in the last month hinting that the more pragmatic Castro brother will likely loosen some restrictions on private entrepreneurship.
That move plus not making people sit through statistics-laden multi-hour long speeches will be a relief to the long suffering Cubans.

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Cuban_Patriot said...

Yea the reform sounds good, but honestly I dont think it will help much. Raul seems to be more of an ardent Communist that fidel, we can almost be sure that the reform is his idea. Castro rehtoric is more patriotic than revolutionary. Rauls talk is always focused on continuing the revolution The "idiot" may be dead but I fear the world is to open to His brother.