31 January 2007

Party Hardy-Not

Apparently there were a lot of people in Miami who didn’t like the idea of a city-sponsored party to celebrate the death of the tyrant, including the Mayor, Manny Diaz.

This from Today’s Herald:

Responding to an international media blitz and outrage from some members of the Cuban-American community, Miami city leaders Tuesday vowed to tone down a proposed large-scale, city-organized public event in the Orange Bowl when Fidel Castro dies.

I believe that the party–planning was a way to control the possible celebrations so as not tarnish the City’s already “banana republic”- like reputation. As a reader commented yesterday the party was a condescension to Cuban – Americans by hand-wringing politicos worried about tourist dollars.

The city’s prophylactic party appeared to have backfired, however:

But the very idea that Miami would mark the death of Castro with a celebratory
event prompted ample criticism -- and coverage by the 24-hour cable news networks and international press following an article in Monday's Miami Herald.

''Miami Plans Castro Death Party in Orange Bowl,'' proclaimed Fox News Channel on Monday.

''When Castro dies, Miami will party like it's 1959,'' chimed in CNN.

So, basically, by forming the planning committee for the party, the Miami politicos caused what they were trying to avoid in the first place.

Personally I don’t think it’s appropriate to attend government-sponsored political rallies. That’s crossing a line that we crossed the Florida Straights to avoid crossing in our country. But that’s me.

The Gusano says he’s going to open a bottle of Cava he has saved up and toast. Later he’ll open a bottle of rum and cry in his Cuba Libre.

No “Castropaloozas” for La Contra Revolución.

Maybe this whole episode will have a sobering effect on the Cuban population of South Florida.

Castro’s death, if it ever comes, will just be a bump on the long road toward Cuba’s freedom. No sense starting the journey drunk.

Alright, Maybe just one drink ................................

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Anonymous said...

I will be cursing him down to hell, then I will take a swig, and renew my vow to keep on fighting till the island is free. I won't celebrate a minute before Cuba is free!