13 January 2007

Daddy's All Right UPDATED

Fidel Castro Diaz-Balart (Fidelito )
(Pic Courtesy of De La Cova's Latin American Studies)

Mommy's alright,
Daddy's alright,
they just seem a little weird.
but don't give yourself away,
ay, ay, ay.
According to the AP, Fidelito was quoted as saying:
"He is recovering, I see him recovering,''
"He is in good spirits and optimistic.''
Castro Diaz-Balart, a nuclear scientist, was in Chile for the inauguration of a scientific research center. On Friday, he attended a dinner hosted by President Michelle Bachelet.
Article Here
I was expecting something better this weekend from the regime.
The last time the US government said Castro wasn't long for this world , they dug up the Spanish doctor AND told us that endearing story about the phone call to the Chinese Ambassador.
I was so hoping for another video since I'm in need of a good laugh after the Giants' demise.
It's interesting that the Diaz-Balart name has resurfaced on the island. Castro supposedly forbade it after his ex-brother in law and ex-best friend, Rafael Diaz-Balart coined Castro's nickname: "El Loco Endemoniado"
Suspicious minds are wondering if Fidelito's trip to Chile has anything to do with the Castro clan relocating to an area in the South American Pampa straddling the Argentina/Chile border.
That theory has been explored in Spanish at Nuevo Accion.
Originally, the rumor was that Castro's current wife Dalia Soto Del Valle and her five Castro fathered sons were looking for property in that area through a family friend.
Supposedly, Del Valle is not fond of Fidel's first born who reportedly has never even been to Punto Cero.


Alfredo said...

Fidelito boy saying daddy is OK? The sugar daddy is no more and doesn't matter what hypen he uses, the atrocities still go on!

El Gusano said...

Supposedly, He had fallen out of grace with his old man and was hidden away . now with his uncle in charge he's visible once again and getting his face out there with a new name.