01 January 2007

Happy New Year News From The EU

From BBC News:

Romania and Bulgaria join the EU

Huge celebrations have been held in Romania and Bulgaria to mark their accession to the European Union, 17 years after the fall of Communism

Tens of thousands attended concerts in the two capitals, Bucharest and Sofia.

The Romanian president said EU entry was an "enormous chance for future generations", while Bulgaria's leader said it was a "heavenly moment".

Their accession means the EU now has 27 members and half a billion people, and stretches as far east as the Black Sea.

Germany also takes over from Finland for six months as the country holding the presidency of the European Union.

Great news on two fronts.

For one, it shows that once the yoke of Marxism is lifted, progress and democracy naturally blossom from its ruin. Hope for Cuba.

And another, two more anti-communist allies joined the European Union today.

This is going to be an important part for the international push for the democratization in Cuba, currently being lead by Czech Republic in the European Parliament.

It is my belief that once Fidel Castro is dead, that the US, through the UN and the OAS, and the Czech Republic in the EU Parliament, will refuse to legitimize the unelected government of Raúl Castro and try to force him into moving towards democratization.

Two more Ex-Warsaw pact countries in the EU Parliament, will make it easier for the Czechs, Hungarians, Poles and others to push the EU to put pressure on the Cuban regime. If Fidel dies within the next six months, having Germany, which suffered from 1945 to 1989 from being divided due to the Soviet Empire, at the presidency will further help with the Cuban pro-democracy in the EU.

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