12 January 2007

Human Rights Watch Denounces Political Repression In Cuba

Human Rights Watch has published a report on the state of human rights worldwide

Cuba’s Communist Government continues to stifle practically all type of political dissidence according to the worldwide report.

The report was released on Thursday in New York and it added that it is yet not clear if Fidel Castro’s absence will have any affects on the current human rights situation in Cuba. So far, it hasn’t with many dissidents and observers claiming that repression and anxiety over the political uncertainty has increased.

The report also says that in order to repress the opposition in Cuba the Cuban regime resorts to detentions, harassment, police “warnings”, house arrests, travel restrictions and firing from the government controlled jobs, (the government is Cuba’s sole employer), for political reasons.

According to Human Rights Watch, Cubans are systematically denied due process, freedoms of expression, association, and movement. The legal and intuitional structure of the Cuban government are geared towards oppression and serve as the root of all human rights violations on the island.

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