18 January 2007

Radio Chavez Plays New Tune

Venezuela's Radio Bemba is playing a different tune this morning.

I'm not a doctor. I'm not at Fidel's bedside but he's not in a serious condition as some say, nor does he have cancer,"
He said (to me) it's a slow recovery process not without risk. He's 80 years old,"


From Bloomberg

Jan. 17 (Bloomberg) -- Cuban President Fidel Castro's health is in a ``delicate situation,'' Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez said after a Spanish newspaper reported Castro was in serious condition following three surgeries on his large intestine.
``There was a serious complication,'' Chavez, a key ally, said in a televised speech tonight in Caracas. ``He's been in a delicate situation. We ask God for Fidel's recovery.''

``Some are saying Fidel has died,'' Chavez said. ``Well, everyone dies some day.''

I like the second tune a lot better, but the radio station has got to go.


Anonymous said...


The new song has a good beat and it is easy to dance to!


Anonymous said...

Turn that Radio OFF

Rita Loca said...

Pull the plug

Gusano said...

ha! would that i could