24 January 2007

Havana Radio Bemba

Havana’s Radio Bemba is broadcasting at Mega Watts lately, the signal is so strong that even tourist and the foreign press are getting the signal.

A sample of some of the Programming via Yahoo News:

"Some people have even said he has died, that they are conserving him and waiting for I don't know what, but I don't believe that," said Felix Perez, a 35-year-old waiter.
A 28-year old nurse, who would only identify herself as Josefina said rumors circulating in a Havana hospital say "he is very thin, but is alright and spending his time on the telephone, giving orders and driving the doctors crazy."
Even the name of the radio station is getting a mention in the American press:
In the absence of news, many Cubans rely on what is known here as Radio Bemba --
word-of-mouth that circulates in the streets.
"There are many stories going around, some people say Castro doesn't show himself because he has lost his beard," said Jorge Torres, a visitor from Guatemala.
What I’ve been able to garner from the Miami Radio Bemba is that Fidel is bed ridden and emaciated. He’s not able to speak because he’s heavily sedated and continues to receive nutrients intravenously.

A couple of physicians have said that once a person is in this condition its only of matter of time until major organs start to fail.

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Cuba Journal said...

Radio Bemba = Radio for the gullible.