27 January 2007

Dissidents Tell of Lack of Chages

There are no signs that the new Cuban leader, Raul Castro, is going to ease up on the repression and human rights violation.

Cuban dissidents don’t perceive any noticeable changes in the Cuba since Fidel handed power over to his brother.

In statements to the French Press Agency, some dissidents shared their views on the Regime in the last six months:

Marta Beatriz Roque said that new Cuban regime is a continuation of the same Totalitarian Regime under Fidel.

Héctor Palacios and Vladimiro Roca, ex political prisoners say that not a single thing has changed.

For his part, Manuel Cuesta Morúa, from Arco Progresista, feels that there had been a slight easing of repression in the Island.

Dissident Elizardo Sánchez considers that so far Raúl Castro has done nothing to improve fundamental rights and that thing could get worse unless “ a real political miracle were to happen”

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