01 February 2008

Castro Bros, Inc.

Yesterday, I was ranting that it seemed the press was trying to package a story about the Cuban election that was more suspenseful, more interesting and even a bit more soap opera-ish than the sad and ugly truth of misery and lack of freedom that people don’t want to hear anymore-too much of a downer.

After generations of the Enquirer and Springer, we like our news sexy and entertaining.

I philosophized that the latest “story” out of Cuba was an attempt to do just that by turning the Cuban election results into a “sibling rivalry”

As if on cue form the Houston Chronicle……

The younger son also rises

What happens when the cute baby of the family, such as Eli Manning, takes the
spotlight from his older brother?

Cain didn't like it when little brother Abel got extra attention from God. According to the Bible, Cain killed his younger brother.

Of course we don't believe superstar quarterback Peyton Manning will harm baby brother Eli, whose team made it to the Super Bowl while Peyton's Colts were defeated in the playoffs. Peyton has been praising Eli all week and talking up his skills as quarterback of the New York Giants.

There are plenty of brother duos coexisting without bloodshed. See Mark and Donnie Wahlberg, Aaron and Nick Carter, Dennis and Randy Quaid, or Raul and Fidel Castro.

See, this reporter took the tired old story of Peyton and Eli quarterbacking brothers and connected it to biblical fratricide, show biz rivalries, Hemingway and even dictators. Cute.

The problem with this approach to journalism, other than it whitewashes the truth, is that it humanizes the blood thirsty Castro brothers and puts them in the same category as harmless boy banders, actors and football players. And I don't mean the story in the Houston Chronicle, I mean the "reporting" on the Cuban "elections".

It’s fun to read a story about Peyton and Eli not being Cain an Abel during Superbowl week in the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave. But, when you read a story about how Raul got more votes than Fidel based in an uncontested election from the official newspaper of the only party in the elections, it’s a huge stretch. And it makes it sound like Cuba is a normal place where brothers are free to compete and rival each other.

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