15 February 2008

Two Fisted Reader

Last week, Cuba watchers were watching the UCI video in which some Cuban University students took on Ricardo Alarcon and some of Fidel Castro’s sacred cows, Tourist Apartheid, the schizophrenic Cuban currency and restrictions on travel. By the time the smoke from the propaganda bomb cleared, two things were apparent, one, change is not only expected-it is coming. Maybe just some cosmetic changes, but they have built the expectations so high, that they have to do something. Two- it will probably start at the top. Buh-Bye, Ricardo. And Raul was off the International Book Fair.

At the Book Fair, Raul made it clear that he’s too busy governing and making decisions to read books:

"I've got little time to read books. I'll die with hundreds of books I've got waiting there for me to read some day ... but for now, lots of (official) papers”
His Semi-Retired older half brother, however, lamented last moth:

"I barely have enough time to write, now that I have more time to read and meditate about what I see,"

A clear signal here as to who’s calling the shots.

Raul, not wanting to appear uncouth, did confess that he reads:

"There they are waiting. Sometimes I read two at a time,"

A two fisted reader! Wow!

And what kind of books interest the Junior, two fisted reader from Oriente?

Was there ever any doubt?

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