12 February 2008

Stalinesque Theater On Cuban TV-Updated

The Cuban Communist regime’s propaganda propeller is spinning in high gear.

The two students, Eliecer Ávila Cicilia and Rafael Alejandro Hernández, on the UCI video who where, like Raul asked, speaking out on the inefficiencies in Cuba’s command economy appeared, as guests of the regime, on Cuban Debate Website, to clarify their statements, re-emphasize their revolutionary commitment and claim victimhood. Penultimos Dias has the Stalinesque Theather Production here.

From the beginning, I believed this to be a propaganda ploy by the regime to make it seem that they encouraged and listened to the complaints of the Cuban people. The regime had already made it known that solving the two tier currency problem was on their radar screen and I had heard rumors that hey were contemplating changes to travel and hotel access. These policies, as well as the so called “unified vote” are the brain children of Fidel.

The “leaked” video would, I surmised, serve four purposes. One. It would show the world that there really is a debate taking place in all levels of Cuban society. Two. It would legitimize the upcoming changes-tentatively set for March-by making it seem that these are the changes that the Cuban people really, really want. Three. Show Raul to be an open-minded pragmatic reformer who listens to will of the people. Four. Get rid of Alarcon.

After yesterday’s events I’m not so sure anymore.

Last night’s mea-culpas, rushed to the internet, reek of panicked damage control. And bad damage control at that. The students that participated in the video where all too aware of the sensation that the video had caused on the internet and in the international press that they have no access to. One even mentioned the petition started by Ernesto Hernández Busto from P.D. calling for the release of Eliecer Ávila Cicilia. (Ávila’s mother had reportedly said that her son was taken away by government officials and she feared for him).Very well informed students in a country where information is embargoed or very well prepped?

The original video was probably meant for an audience outside of the island. But with today’s technology, it spread inside the island, through radio bemba, like a wildfire. And that is why they dragged these kids out to clarify their original positions on another video and hail Fidel. It’s all very 70 years ago; very Stalinesque. Everyone has seen this movie a few times and nobody is buying the scripted mea culpas.

The only serious question, (no, not suicide), is who leaked this video out. If it wasn’t Raul or the reformers trying to justify their reforms and thwart the Talibanic Fidelistas, and it was really leaked by students forcing the regime into a damage control televised presentation, then, like I said yesterday, somebody put a fork in the revolution because it is done. They have lost control.
In the original post, I assumed that Cuba Debate was a TV program, not a Website. Me Culpa. It was an honest yet inexcusable mistake on my part which kindda blows my conspiracy theory outta the water, but that's what happens when you assume....

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