11 February 2008

Coronation By The Elite

I keep hearing about these mythical Democrats called super-delegates who can vote for whomever they want and who answer to no one. There are 795 super-delegates. They represent 20% of all the delegates seated at the Democratic convention. 20%! One fifth of all the delegates who have no obligation to vote the way their home state constituency did. Free Agents.

One of the ways that Modern Post-Vietnam Liberal dogma manifests itself in American society is through political correctness. Political correctness dictates that there should be no winners or losers, that no one is really wrong, competition is wrong and that all opinions are equally important. This necessitates, however, the existence of a group of people to decide what’s correct and what isn’t. Because of this, an elite is needed.

And this is how the Democratic party got itself in the mess it’s in heading for a “train wreck”.

They developed a primary system based on political correctness, in which every candidate wins some delegates – no real losers, but no real winners. Nothing like the cut-throat-(and speaking of cut throats, did you see the video of the Florida Panthers Hockey Player that got his throat cut with an ice skate? Unreal!), competitive primaries across the isle. Because of this, we have a situation where we have no winner. Ms. Clinton, pretty much won the same states as McCain yet she’s trailing because of the proportional way in which delegates are apportioned.

And now, it seems that because of this sound-good, politically correct primary system where no one really loses the selection of the Democratic candidate for president of the United States will be decided by the Party’s Super Elite-the Super–Delegates-who will most likely coronate Hillary Clinton making all the primaries and caucuses that the registered Democrats all across this country participated in, a monumental waste of time and a farce.

And we all laughed when Raul Castro, cynically declared elections in the US not too different from the one party “elections” in Cuba. They don’t seem to be at the democratic party. Pathetic.


Tomás Estrada-Palma said...

Yeah and Obama is a Che lover...


Anonymous said...

Tomas, give me a break..- you are no hick and live around saavy enough people.

Obama may be liberal - but he is no che-lover.. At least the way you suggest.

Furthermore, you know how to mainstream society Che is (unfortunately) seen in positive light, therefore, to express admiration of Che is seen as social justise. Following your logic, the last Pope was a Che lover too.