22 February 2008

Denials & A Shocker

The Brazilian Government of Lula da Silva is denying that Raul Castro asked for Brazil’s help in Cuba’s transition into a more open government as reported by the 'Folha de Sao Paulo'.

In an even bigger shocker, the same newspaper is quoting the German Marxist Heinz Dieterich who coined the term “21st Century Socialism” as saying that the last East German prime minister, Hans Modrow, is Havana at Fidel Castro’s invitation, discussing that country’s transition that lead to the tearing down of the Berlin Wall and eventual German unification. According to Herr Dieterich Modrow “is in Cuba right now holding confidential conversations” “to help in a transition process towards a more open regime”

Dietrerich who’s naive enough to still believe that any century socialism can offer actual solutions to real world problems, is sure that Mudrow is telling the Castro brothers that "without the people’s participation and without reforms, historic socialism cannot survive nowadays.”

It is more likely that Raul is trying to understand the East German “mistakes” that imploded that communist country so that he doesn’t repeat them and Cuba and can continue his tyrannical rule unabated. But, I’m biased because communism has killed 100,000,000 million people and it has never worked anywhere it has been tried and because it has always been forced down people’s throat.

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Tomás Estrada-Palma said...

First, Cubans everywhere must free their mind of all collectivist thinking. They must reject the lies from government puppet media, and fight back by joining the

Individualists' Insurrection!!!