07 February 2008

¿Por Que No Te Alineas?

The Cuban regime, which can’t even provide toilet paper for its citizens after nearly 50 years of “revolutionizing”-or is it de-evolutionizing?, has this scam going in which it claims to be the leader of the Non-Aligned Nations. That term, of course, refers to the cold war when Castro used to claim that he was not aligned to the USSR. Maybe he was right. Alignment suggest a certain equality in the relationship. Cuba was really owned by the old USSR with the generous subsidies the old Super-Power paid the Soviet boot-licking Fidel.

As leader of NAM, the Cuban government, ever the Anti-Semetics, tried to pass a resolution at the UN to condemn Israel for the “humanitarian crisis” in the Gaza strip. In their eyes, all the trouble in the Middle East are due to the Jewish problem-you know, the only free country in the area.

That prompted the Israeli Ambassador to the UN Dan Gillerman to quip:

"As the late [UN ambassador and NY senator] Patrick Moyniham once said, what indeed is the Non-Aligned Movement non-aligned about? Is it even relevant today?"

Hehehe, Moynihan!

I wonder what the response of the Cuban regime would be if a bunch of us exiles who wanted back our property, stolen from us by Fidel, would lob rockets at Havana, day and night from the Isle of Pines?

Obviously, the Cuban regime is aligned to an absurd and corrupt ideology.

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Anonymous said...

That is a really ignorant statement.
#1. It wasn't just Fidel Castro that was calling for these charges against Israel, many UN nations did, including much of the EU. Are you suggesting the EU is anti-semetic? Or indeed the other nations in the UN are anti-semetic simply because they do not support Israels policies? That is the most biased thing I have ever heard.
#2. It is a fact that Israel has policies against Palestine, that border on genocide. If you knew anything about what you are talking about you would know that Palestine has no real military, where as Israel has a military funded, and supported by the US. The odds are a little in their favor, and that is what has allowed violations of nearly every treaty to occur there. Building settlements in the Gaza Strip, making checkpoints throughout the Gaza strip, executing Palestinian officials, killing civilians every day, the list goes on and on.
#3. Israel is not the only 'free' country in the area. Are you suggesting Jordan is a dictatorship? Or Egypt? The list goes on for that as well. You need to work on your world politics man.