06 February 2008

The Story of My Disfranchisement or How To Screw Obama UDATED

Way back last year, the Florida legislature, in its infinite legislative wisdom, decided to change the date of the Florida primary to Jan 29, before Super Fat Tuesday, because by the time we Floridians got to vote it was pretty much all over but the crying.

The National Democratic Party didn’t like what the Republican controlled legislature did, took a hissy fit and decided Not to seat the delegates from Florida at the National Convention. The Democratic Candidates pledged not to campaign here. Voting in the Florida primary, for registered Democrats such as myself, meant absolutely nothing …say it again, nothing! I did not bother voting for any of the three candidates, Clinton, Obama, or Edwards for this reason.

It turned out, however, that the legislature, actually had a point, by the time the votes that didn’t count were counted, Edwards was outta the race. Quitter. And Ms. Rodhan-Clinton was in Davie celebrating her “victory”. As an aside-A friend actually called me from her “victory” party and held the phone up so I could hear the yelling. I didn’t know where he was calling from. I told my life partner, “It’s so and so and it sounds like he’s in hell being tortured by a bunch of screaming demons”.

It turns out, that even though Hillary didn’t campaign here in South Florida, she had many, many supporters, some would say minions, who not only voted for her but quietly put out the word to go vote for her early and often.

So here we are, a week later and Ms. Rodham-Clinton and Mr. Obama are virtually tied in the delegate count. If nothing changes in this demographic stalemate, we could very well wind up in a situation where neither candidate knocks the other out in the remaining contests and with neither candidate garnering enough votes to win the nomination outright. This is where I think the Florida and Michigan non-delegates that Hillary won are going to come into play. Her minions are already laying the groundwork to count the votes they agreed not to count to perhaps give Hillary the delegates that will put her over the top and give her the nomination, control of the convention and screw Obama. And if you think this can’t happen, you don’t know the Clinton's Democratic Party.


Here is the first public glimpse of the behind the scenes machinations designed to screw the Illinois Senator. Crafty Clintons.

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