24 February 2008

Como El Cangrejo

One step Sideways and Five Steps back. Always going backwards in Castrolandia. The Devolution continuing its backslide into oblivion:

Contrary to expectations that the top leadership would incorporate economic reformers, the assembly instead chose old timers and hard-liners to fill top spots in the Council of State.

In a session filled with pomp and accolades for an iconic leader still so ill he cast an absentee ballot, the 597 Assembly members present also selected other members of the Council of State -- including old guard hardliner José Ramón Machado Ventura as the Council's No. 2.

The other four vice presidents were members of the old-guard, including several historic figures of the revolution, including Juan Almeida Bosque, 80, a former revolutionary leader; Interior Minister Abeldardo Colomoe Ibarra, 68; Esteban Lazo Hernandez, 63, a longtime Communist Party leader, and Gen. Julio Casas Regueiro, 71, who was Raúl Castro's No. 2 at the Defense Ministry.

The move to pack the council's leadership with aging members of the old guard was announced while Castro stressed that the number assembly members under the age of 30 had increased from 23 to 36.

Vice President Carlos Lage, who many observers thought could even be tapped for the presidency, did not move up to a higher position.

By tomorrow, though, this ridiculous course of events will be sugar coated, white-washed and repackaged by the regime and its amen chorus in the MSM and it will somehow be spun in to some kind of courageous act that will change the course of the revolution, Cuban history and will have historical repercussions for all the planet.

Mark my words...

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