26 February 2008

Waiting For A Meteor

They say that the dinosaurs who once ruled the Earth were wiped out when a meteor hit causing a cloud of dust and a global cooling that did away with the cold blood reptiles.

That’s what we need now in Havana, a meteor and a cloud of dust to rid the island of the dinosaurs that rule it.

Everybody’s head was left spinning on Sunday when Raul chose the “sunshine boys” to help him “reform”.

These guys other than being ancient have one thing in common, loyalty.

And it makes a certain amount of sense. Raul is in a position where he doesn’t need a young successor waiting in the wings to take over and throw him under the camello at the first opportunity. He needs to consolidate his power with men that he can trust to do whatever he says, without questions or agendas of their own. Let’s face it, Raul’s a very dim star. In order for him to shine, he needs to be surrounded by dimmer stars.

The problem, for Raul, with his choice is that now the younger generations in the nomenklatura realize that if they want power, they’re going to have to wrestle it from Raul because he’s not going to share.

And, eventually, they will. That is the way of the world.

Unless a meteor hits.

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